Weird Wrap: Stanley Cup ring stolen

A Montreal Canadiens 1977 championship ring. Toronto police handout photo.

Toronto police want public help to find some highly recognizable and probably hard-to-fence stolen jewelry.

Two championship rings — from the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays 1993 and the 1977 Montreal Canadiens — were stolen from a house on Canada Day.

Overall, about $500,000 in jewels was snatched during the heist.

Championship rings are a popular target for thieves. Blue Jays, Argos, Maple Leafs, and Canadiens rings have gone missing in recent years, and only a few have been recovered. A high concentration of those thefts occur in Toronto, which could also indicate some serious championship-starvation for Leafs and Jays fans.

One particularly revolting robbery took place in 2010 when opportunistic thieves stole hockey memorabilia from the car belonging to Line Gignac, widow of former Leafs coach Pat Burns. The break-in occurred just after Burns’s own funeral.

Make yourself at home

Ever walked in on someone getting changed, or even fully in the buff? Pretty awkward. Even more so when the nudist is a stranger and you’re walking into your own house.

That’s what happened to an Uxbridge, Ont. woman this week, when she came home to find an 18-year-old had broken in, ransacked the house, made a snack, then apparently decided to air-dry after using the shower.

“It was a very upsetting event to occur, to arrive home to find a male who’s wearing no clothes in the house,” Sgt. Bill Calder said.

Although it’s probably still upsetting to find a fully clothed burglar in your house.

Police initially got a call after a neighbour spotted the teen skinny-dipping in the pool. He fled the house, but a K9 unit tracked him down nearby.

Parker Reilly is charged with breaking and entering.

Bad shoplifter, worse mother

It’s common for crooks to make dumb, self-incriminating mistakes like taking selfies with stolen loot, or leaving ID at a crime scene.

One Florida woman left behind some of the most compelling DNA evidence imaginable: her two kids.

Kristen Grodetz and Jessica Barker were at a Publix drugstore in Celebration, Fla. with a 3-year-old girl and two 11-year-olds. The two women filled a cart with nearly $500 of goods and attempted to walk out of the store. An employee confronted them and they ran off … without the two older girls.

Police called Barker, who said she’d come and pick up the kids, but she never showed.

Grodetz turned herself in.

The girls are in the custody of the Department of Children and Family Services.

The women face charges of random theft, child neglect, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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