Weird Wrap: ‘Scud Stud a Dud’ defamation suit underway in Calgary

Anti-aircraft tracer lights up downtown Baghdad, in this January 17, 1991 file photo.
Anti-aircraft tracer lights up downtown Baghdad, in this January 17, 1991 file photo. REUTERS/Patrick De Noirmont

What is better on a Weird Wednesday than a defamation suit which has weird and hilarious defamation content?

In 2008, Arthur Kent, or the “Scud Stud” as he has been lovingly dubbed, ran as a candidate for the Progressive Conservatives in Calgary during the provincial election.

Kent got the nickname “Scud Stud” when he was a television war correspondent. He reported for NBC during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, often air from the rooftop of his hotel as Iraqi missiles were shot into Saudi Arabia.

During the election campaign, former National Post reporter Don Martin wrote a column entitled: "Alberta's 'Scud Stud' a 'Dud' On Campaign Trail." The column suggested that Kent’s campaign was in trouble. In the column, Kent was described as "a hunky bear-witness reporter…[who]got female hearts pumping."

You would think with a sterling advertisement like that, Kent would have been elected. Alas, he lost the election by a small margin.

Kent Jesse – (Arthur) Kent’s lawyer stated that: "Not only did they publish a false article designed to harm Arthur Kent during his election campaign. They continued to make the news report available online."

Kent is not just suing Martin, but also Postmedia and the National Post, alleging that his reputation was damaged during the election campaign by a "false article" that failed to meet even "ordinary journalistic standards."

What did the defense have to say for itself? Well, Postmedia denies the accusations and says it was practicing responsible journalism.

Kent started the lawsuit years ago, but it just got underway on Monday.

The latest update is that the judge was forced to dismiss the jury in this case, because of inappropriate comments made in opening statements.

Looks like this trial will be a good one!

Boy calls 911 on his mother because she was driving drunk

For a weird Wednesday this is actually a rather sad item.

A nine year old boy, who was a passenger in his mother van, called 911 because his mother was intoxicated.

Police got the call from the boy who was “clearly scared, clearly shaken up by what was going on.”

Though the boy was wound up, the operator managed to get his location. The boy’s mother then took the phone and told operators that she only had one drink. The operator than begged the woman to pull over to the side of the road, but the woman refused.

When the woman was stopped by police, in Newmarket, Ontario, and pulled over, she was immediately arrested, taken into custody and the police administered a Breathalyzer test at the station.

Turns out it wasn’t just “one drink” she consumed when she got behind the wheel. She blew more than twice the legal limit. Police charged her with impaired driving.

The brave boy was given into the custody of his father. However, police still called the Children’s Aid Society.

Alberta Prisoner tried to make a prison break – in a police cruiser

Well, it worked somewhat – they didn’t find him for two weeks.

Jason McGinn was being custodially transferred from the Thorsby RCMP to the Drayton Valley RCMP when he decided to make a run for it by jumping into a police cruiser and taking off.

Although the police did find the abandoned vehicle shortly after, they couldn’t find him, even though they pulled in help  from K-9 unit and air support units.

However, never fear, McGinn was found in a house almost two weeks later.

Next to the charges he was originally arrested for, which included possession of stolen property, McGinn is now facing 15 added charges thanks to his escape attempt.
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