Weird Wrap: Remembrance Day poppy box thefts becoming an annual tradition for thieves

Remembrance Day ceremonies in Toronto, November 11, 2010.
Remembrance Day ceremonies in Toronto, November 11, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Cassese

Today is Remembrance Day, and some people honour this day of our fallen soldiers by stealing boxes that hold money donated to Canada’s veterans. Unfortunately it’s becoming somewhat of an annual tradition.

Proceeds from the Poppy Fund drive around the country go to veterans who are financially struggling.

Poppy-donation box thefts in Calgary are now happening at the rate of two thefts a day and rising, according to Calgary police.

In fact, Staff Sgt. Guy Baker said last year about 13 boxes were stolen, and this year it has risen to 20 thefts. Baker also mentioned that many of these offenders are often addicted to drugs and alcohol. That is really no excuse from taking away money from veterans who are in need.

Unfortunately though, these thefts have become a “fact of life” says Joey Bleviss, CEO of the Calgary Poppy Fund.

In British Columbia, there have already been four incidents in B.C. of poppy box thefts. There were incidents in Kerrisdale, Vernon, Coquitlam and Nanaimo. After the Vernon theft of a box at a pet food store, people came into the store just to make donations to the Veteran’s fund.

One suspect has been arrested so far and police are on the lookout for another.

There have also been reports of a poppy-box theft at a GTA Tim Hortons two days ago.

Police are on the lookout for two men between the ages of 18-24.

“Couldn’t you just keep your knees together” judge under fire

Among other strange happenings occurring in our judicial system, an Alberta judge was questioning a sexual assault complainant on her efforts to fend off her attacker by asking her: “couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”

This is one amongst several complaints levied against Federal Court Judge Robin Camp by four law professors at the University of Calgary and Dalhousie University.

The professors filed an eleven-page complaint, saying that Camp has been “dismissive, if not contemptuous” when it comes to dealing with sexual assault laws and evidence.

In particular, the complaint takes issue with Camp’s alleged disrespect for the rape shield provisions of the Criminal Code, and his failure to apply legal rules that dealt with removing out-dated stereotypes about women and sexual violence that had long since been discredited.

The Canadian Judicial Council is evaluating Camp’s conduct as it applies to a 2014 case he judged while serving as a provincial court judge.

The Federal Court responded by saying Camp will not be assigned any new cases to do with sexual conduct.

Former Conservative justice minister Peter McKay, had appointed Camp to the Federal Court earlier this year.

Alberta oilfield company billboard, of naked woman and pile driver, called misogynistic

Alberta’s BeDevil oilfield services are confused as to why they’re getting so many complaints about a billboard they put up.

On the image, a naked woman surrounded by flames is depicted with a piled river, which is drilling into the ground, looming over her and the caption reads: “Screwpiles – we drill them to hell and back.”

Facebook posters have complained about the billboard, and asked for it to be taken down as they say it sends a wrong message about violence against women.

The company says it doesn’t understand why people would claim that. Right, because when you think of screwpiles, it’s natural to think of an image of a naked woman under the piled driver, surrounded by flames.

The company says it has no plans to take the billboard down.

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