Weird wrap: Marilyn Manson a ‘hit’ in Alberta, a hot-pizza attack, and a sticky infant-abuse case

U.S. singer Marilyn Manson was apparently punched in an Alberta Denny’s last weekend. (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

It’s been a violent week at early-morning eateries, as two odd attacks highlight the latest in strange, disturbing and silly legal news.

Not the ‘Grand Slam’ he ordered

U.S. shock-rocker Marilyn Manson got a sandwich all right — of the knuckle variety — at a Lethbridge, Alta. Denny’s this week.

After a show on his Hell is not Hallelujah tour, Manson reportedly stopped at a Denny’s at 2 a.m., where an argument broke out and he allegedly called one woman a nasty name, at which point her boyfriend clocked him in the head.

The Antichrist Superstar singer, who recently claimed his gold switchblade and repertoire of scary facial expressions can keep him out of physical confrontations, called the attack a “sucker punch” and wants police to lay charges.

And we thought he was such a nice young man.


Disturbing the pizza

In other food-related assaults, a Nova Scotia woman used an unusual “weapon” in a confrontation earlier this week.

Another 2 a.m. altercation resulted in one woman attacking another with a slice of hot pizza.

The victim suffered burns from the hot cheese and sauce from the freshly-baked pie, which was smeared right in her face.

The assailant was charged with assault with a weapon, and is due in court in May.


Infant’s ears glued

Richmond, B.C. RCMP have released details of a disturbing assault on a seven-week-old baby.

In February 2013, doctors at a Richmond hospital treated the screaming boy whose ears were sealed up with superglue.

The boy needed careful surgery to remove the hardened substance.

This past December, the boy’s 30-year-old aunt was convicted of aggravated assault and sentenced to four months in jail and two years’ probation.

“This was a bizarre, yet extremely sad case,” said Cpl. Chris Tarasoff. “There were many investigators involved and it was emotionally trying at times. We do have a message though; we have zero tolerance towards any types of crimes against children. These crimes will not be tolerated and we will investigate them to the full extent of the law. Fortunately, this young child will most likely make a full recovery and that is the best result we could have hoped for.”


Guests, don’t bother the Clooney

Here’s an international travel tip if you’re ever planning to visit Italy.

The picturesque northern town of Laglio is known for its scenery, including picturesque Lake Como, alpine vistas and its naturally occurring George Clooney. However, the town is now cracking down hard on anyone hoping to spot the star in his natural habitat.

Mayor Roberto Pozzi announced a 500-euro ($676) fine for fans creating “problems of public order” by loitering outside the actor’s waterfront villa.

There are two separate ordinances, one for boat-based gawkers and another for landlubbing star-stalkers dallying too close to Clooney’s casa.

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