Weird wrap: Kids behaving badly and a multi-billion-dollar fraud

Boy sad behind prison bars. Stock photo by Getty Images

There’s some strange and disturbing youth violence in this week’s recap of odd crimes, plus one of the most ambitious fraudsters in recent memory.

PlayStation confiscation confrontation

Some people thinking paying video games creates violent tendencies. How about not playing video games?

An Ontario dad called police to help control his 13-year-old son who went on a violent rampage after his parents took away his PlayStation console.

The young man was reportedly smashing up the home with a hammer and baseball bat. His parents had managed to lock him in the garage, but called police when he began trying to bash his way back into the house.

"It was a dangerous situation," a police spokeswoman told CBC News. "He was out of control."

Cops probe kid fight video

Regina police are investigating an online video of two young kids fighting in a back alley.

Even stranger, a much older person off-camera is heard egging the kids on.

Other kids are there watching the fight, but the older male voice is actively encouraging the scrap, shouting “get him!” and offering other advice for beating up little kids.

The video made the rounds on social media before police took notice. They’re trying to identify those involved, but won’t say if they’ve made any progress so far.

Do not pass Go, do not collect $368B

Here’s a U.S. case, but the mind-boggling scale of the attempted fraud really transcends all borders.

A Florida man with apparently no idea how banks work, recently tried to cash a cheque for $368 billion.  

Yes, you read that right. And no, he didn’t win any lottery or make the greatest investment ever. He bought the cheque from a homeless man for $100.

Jeff Waters, who was high on bath salts, was apparently shocked when tellers rejected his Bank of Idaho cheque issued sometime in the 1990s and made out to “cash.”

He blamed the homeless man who sold him the cheque, saying “I’m as innocent as a schoolgirl.”

It gets stranger, believe it or not.

Waters wanted the money to open the biggest Italian restaurant on Earth, which would seat 30 million people. So, most of the entire population of Canada could eat there at once.

Police searched Waters, finding the bath salts and some Chinese throwing stars. He was arrested and later released on $23,000 bail.

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