Weird Wrap: Bold thieves lift ATM right out of the store

A man moving an ATM with a dolly. Credit: OPP

Police in Northern Ontario are advising businesses to secure their ATM machines after two recent thefts.

And it’s not people breaking into machines or hacking them, but actually picking up the machines and walking away with them.

Provincial police arrested a Sioux Lookout, Ont. man earlier this week after a security camera caught him wheeling an ATM out of a grocery store. A 43-year-old man is charged with theft over $5,000.

Police are still investigating possible connections to another Sioux Lookout ATM heist earlier this month. It was later found destroyed and abandoned in a forested area.

So they’re suggesting that if you have a surprisingly steal-able machine full of money in your store, you might want to at least secure to the floor. Good tip.

Mile-High Club case closed

A woman who freaked out on airline staff and police that had the nerve to kibosh her airborne hanky-panky got a six-month conditional sentence and probation for another nine.

Alicia Lander had pleaded not guilty to committing an indecent act, assaulting a police officer, committing an act of mischief, and causing a disturbance at Halifax-Stanfield airport in January 2014.

Lander and her seatmate, Jason George Lloyd were caught fondling each other on a Halifax-bound flight. Police met the pair at the airport, and Lander handled it none too gracefully, cursing at officers, kicking one and kicking a hole in the wall of an interview room.

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She claimed in court that she didn’t remember the in-flight fun, perhaps a plausible excuse given that she’d imbibed a staggering 12 shots beforehand.

The judge wasn’t sympathetic though, saying Lander acted like “a spoiled 12-year-old used to getting their own way."

Explosive epistle stuns shop owner

A Winnipeg auto-shop owner joked that a mysterious piece of mail might be a bomb. LOL, right?

Well, it was.

The package came from Guido Amsel, the man charged with attempted murder after sending bombs to two Winnipeg law firms involved in his ugly divorce case.

He sent a bomb to Olli Ehrmantraut's auto repair shop as well, since his ex-wife used to work there.

Ehrmantraut told CBC News that he and his wife found it strange to get a package specifically addressed to Amsel’s ex, and joked that it might be a bomb. They agreed that it “didn’t feel right” and decided not to open it.

Good choice.

After hearing about the other explosions, they called police, who came and detonated the package.

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