Weird wrap: Blast victim sought by cops, robbery hit and run, and a thugs-for-hire app

Paul Zigomanis, 57, is seen in this photograph released by Toronto police in November 2013.

A strange explosion, honest thieves and a fake robbery are just some of the odd law and crime stories in the news this week.

House explosion victim wanted by cops

It’s too early to tell if foul play is involved, but there’s a possibility for intrigue here.

Police revealed that the man killed in a massive explosion that obliterated a house in north Toronto this week was wanted on several charges. A court issued a bench warrant for Paul Zigomanis, 57, last week after he failed to show for charges of assault causing bodily harm and two counts of threatening death.

Zigomanis had an extensive criminal record with convictions for assault, theft, and break-and-enter.

A fire marshal’s spokesperson said the blast was caused by some “ignitable liquid” in the home, but offered no further detail. We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Calgary crooks crash

If you’re making a smash-and-grab robbery, you’ve got to have a good getaway driver. One Calgary liquor-store thief did not.

An attempted robbery went badly wrong when one suspect was run over by an accomplice. The badly-injured “victim” was dumped at Rockyiew Hospital, and two suspects were arrested nearby.

They’re suspected in a string of recent robberies.

Toboggan thieves atone

Last week, we wrote about an Ottawa-area pub using social media to shame two thieves into returning a stolen toboggan.

The Cheshire Cat pub posted a note on Facebook including screen grabs from surveillance video of the theft. It threatened to post other shots showing the thieves’ faces unless the toboggan was returned and a $100 donation made to a local charity.

It was a pretty effective threat. Just one day later, the toboggan reappeared and someone made that $100 donation under the name “Cat Thief.”

Slow uptake of the law

Another odd crime story from last week explained that a March armed robbery of an Ontario bake shop never actually happened.

Now the RCMP revealed another fake robbery… from nearly two years ago.

It’s hard to imagine anything shady would happen at a place called Teazer’s Lounge, and yet it appears that a bartender lied about an armed robbery in September 2013.

We’re not sure why it took so long to figure out, but the bartender’s been charged with mischief and theft over $5,000.

Assault app

Smartphones and social media make it easier to find people. For love, for work, and now, for beating other people up.

A new app in China allows users to hire thugs and other various ‘muscle’ to commit bodily harm for varying amounts — depending on how much harm you want done.

It seems unlikely that this will even reach Canada. Even if it does, using it seems like a very bad idea.

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