Weird crimes and events of 2015

2015 saw no shortage in weird wand wacky events across the country.
2015 saw no shortage in weird wand wacky events across the country. Photo: iStock

As we bid goodbye to 2015, the editorial staff at has put together a list of the some of the wackiest and weirdest stories we have covered this year:

This first blog stands out because of a tale about a case of mistaken identity. No, not mistaken identity between two people, but between a deer and a fish, which resulted in criminal charges and fines against a fishing guide and his client.

It doesn’t get much weirder than trying to beat a drunk driving charge by chugging even more alcohol. However, one Ontario man managed to get a new trial ordered based on this rare defence.

Next up are two Winnipeg police officers that didn’t realize the public address system was turned on while they were riding in a helicopter and having a bit of an X-rated conversation. The result? Well, let’s just say a few Winnipeggers got an earful about oral sex.

For our next weird story, York Regional police went looking for the rightful owner of a single piece of Skittle candy, complete with a photo of the sweet treat.

Bothered by an invasion of black bears and looking for help? Sudbury, Ontario did just that by setting up a “black bear nuisance committee” comprised of police, environmentalists and a bear historian.

Canadians found themselves detained overseas this year, notably for being accused of causing an earthquake due to being nude. You’ve probably never heard either of those mentioned together!

Finally, ‘Deez Nuts’ looked primed for North American political domination, throwing his hat into the ring to become President of the United States and then looked north to the Canadian election this past October, wanting to become leader of the Great White North.

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