‘Urine’ trouble: man pees into Rice Krispies assembly line at Kellogg’s plant

Snap, crackle, and urine? If you are a fan of Rice Krispies cereal, you may not be if you read on.

Apparently a man, who was likely an employee, made a liquid contribution to the Kellogg’s plant in Memphis, Tenn. two years ago which has only been recently uncovered through a video he “reportedly” shot himself. The video shows the man peeing in the food production line during a period of strained labour relations.

When Kellogg’s, the maker of the Rice Krispies cereal got wind of the video, the company was quick to respond on Twitter saying:

If the same were to happen in Canada, what legal consequences could a urinator face?

Although it doesn’t look like there is legislation specifically dealing with urinating on things that one shouldn’t, the Criminal Code does have a section that says that if a person performs an indecent act in public with intent to offend, they’re committing a crime. There is also a mischief section that would likely apply to such an incident.

Forget the code, what about the health and safety of the cereal-eating public?

Most provinces and territories have occupational health and safety acts but they may not deal with instances like this.

Maybe it’s time to make it a requirement that assembly line and production lines all be closely monitored with cameras. Although to some that would be a little too much like Big Brother.

For those who eat Rice Krispies cereal, the silver lining in all of this is that the company claims that the cereal wasn’t affected.

Let’s hope not.

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