Traffic report: honest drunk driver, 50-car smash and a rogue snowmobile

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Unimpaired honesty

An Ontario man called police this week to report a drunk driver — himself.

Provincial police got a call at 10 a.m. — yes, a.m. — Wednesday from a man who decided he was too drunk to continue driving. He said he’d wait on the shoulder with his hazard lights on.

Officers found open liquor in the car and charged the 55-year-old with impaired driving.


401 functioning after 50-car pileup

Elsewhere in Ontario, Hwy 401 finally fully reopened Thursday morning after a 50-car pileup near Trenton. Police blamed weather for the massive smash-up that damaged 33 tractor-trailers, including one that spilled 40,000 litres of oil.

Remarkably, nobody was killed in the huge pileup, the biggest one on the 401 this year. Previously, the largest one in Canadian history took place on the 401 in 1999 when 87 cars crashed together in a blanket of fog.


Phantom snowmobile in NL

A snowmobile owner won’t be charged after his rogue machine raced driverless for 12 kilometres along a Newfoundland highway on Monday.

RCMP said motorists spotted the rogue snowmobile racing some 60 km/h along the Trans-Canada Hwy, passing across multiple lanes. An officer tried to ram it, but the driverless machine apparently managed some evasive manouevres.

It eventually hit a snowbank and stopped.

The driver said he’d fallen off but accidentally jammed the throttle. No damage or injuries resulted and he won’t be charged.

Impatience punished

Also out of Newfoundland, a reminder for impatient drivers: don’t try to pass an accident scene.

Last week, RCMP dinged four drivers who apparently just couldn’t wait for emergency crews to clear a three-car accident, and began driving past along the shoulder. It’s generally illegal to overtake another vehicle while driving on the shoulder, no matter how much of a hurry you’re in.

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