Three ways not to ruin your holiday season

'Home Alone' taught an important lesson: burglars love the holiday season. Photo: iStock.

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Many Canadians take advantage of time off to travel to warmer destinations during the holiday season. However, this year has been exceptionally warm, and due to that and our lacklustre dollar, Canadians are looking to stay home for the holidays.

While you may not being travelling to a warm destination, chances are that you will still go out, party, see family, and have a good time.

Staying safe during the season is just as important as having a good time, so a few days before the merriment begins, we bring you a list of things to watch out for in order to have a fun, problem-free and safe holiday season.

  1. Burglars on the prowl

    In some households it has become a yearly tradition to watch plucky eight-year-old Macaulay Culkin fighting clumsy burglars in the holiday classic Home Alone. However, next to reminding parents not to forget their child at home, the movie taught another important lesson: burglars love the holiday season.

    During the holidays, even if you haven’t gone away on vacation, just leaving for the day, can see you get burglarized. Here are a few things you can do to keep your home safe:

    • Get a good lock: most break-ins are done through the front door. A high-quality door and a good lock will pay for themselves.
    • Get an alarm system: a good home alarm system gives you peace of mind, just don’t forget your password!
    • Don’t publicize on social media when you are going to be out of the house: especially if everyone who occupies the house is going to be out of the house.
  2. More police on the roads

    Please don’t drink and drive. Besides being against the law, it’s a bad idea for yourself, passengers in your car and others on the road.

    Also know that police are keenly aware that the holidays are a prime time for people to indulge in a bit of the bubbly, or other substances, and drive. Police are extra-vigilant during the holidays and keep a watch out for people returning from parties or family celebrations.

  3. Drunk guests at a holiday party
  4. If you let an intoxicated party guest go out the door, into their car and they get into an accident, there is a possibility that you could get sued. If you knew, or should have known, that your guest was intoxicated or impaired and unable to drive, you may be held responsible.

    See: What are your legal responsibilities as a party host?

    Some things you can do to keep your guests safe include: cutting alcohol off at a certain hour, encouraging them to take public transportation, a cab or Uber, asking people to arrive in groups with a designated driver, and taking away keys from a person who is not safe to drive.

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