Saskatchewan RCMP invited to house party, bring snacks

police-bring-snacks. Image courtesy of Saskatchewan RCMP

Planning to have a house party? What about a party for high-schoolers that may go all night? Why not invite the police while you’re at it, especially when you’re underage and planning to drink.

Well, the Saskatchewan RCMP got just such an invite and guess what? They accepted!

They even offered to bring snacks along with a choice of charges. So, which young whippersnapper was lucky enough to be charged with:

  • open liquor — $250;
  • underage drinking — $360;
  • littering — $250; and/or
  • providing liquor to a minor — $1050.

It’s unclear which bright student took the initiative to invite the police, but one can’t deny it’s a great way for the cops to respond.

However, if you think the RCMP’s response was all fun and no substance, you’re wrong. Officers actually showed up and brought chips and salsa with them to the party.

What did the students think? Well, Alyssa Dedman, told the CBC it was “cool.” In fact, the officers were such a hit that many of the students took pictures of the officers bringing the snacks and posted them on Facebook.

All’s well that ends well.

Brother of Dudley George accidentally sets himself on fire

You know the saying: never pour gasoline on an open fire? Well, unfortunately, Pierre George didn’t get that memo.

Over the weekend, at a protest against a settlement deal over land in the Southwest Ontario that was seized by the Government during WWII, George accidentally set himself on fire.

The brother of Dudley George, an aboriginal protester who was killed by police 20 years ago, was pouring gasoline on a fire that protesters had set. The fire was set to gain the notice of people marching for the return of Camp Ipperwash, but unfortunately it also set George aflame.

George was protesting a $90-millionfinancial settlement for land the federal government had appropriated from the native community in 1942 under the War Measures Act. The land is located along Lake Huron, not far from Sarnia, Ont.

Pierre George was brought to the hospital conscious and walking on his own. He sustained second-degree burns on his hands, ears and neck and is currently recovering.

Driver who crashed car an amazing five times over legal limit

Most people know their limits when it comes to consuming alcohol. Some people don’t know there are limits to how much alcohol should be consumed. A Halton Hills, Ont. woman obviously belongs to the latter group.

The woman was arrested after crashing her vehicle around 8 p.m. When police administered a breathalyzer to see how impaired she was, they were shocked to find out she had five times the legal limit in her blood.

See: Alcohol and liability: know the law

The police released a statement stating: “The woman provided samples that registered an astounding 370mg/100ml.”

As the crash the drunken woman caused was fiery, police had to close the road for several hours.

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