Mystery heart found in Toronto trashcan not human

Toronto police car seen in downtown near Yonge and Dundas streets.
File photo of a Toronto police car from iStock/Getty Images.

Talk about being heart-less.

Toronto police may soon be close to solving the mystery of a heart that was found in a trash can outside a building on Ryerson University campus in downtown Toronto.

The organ was discovered Wednesday morning by a groundskeeper outside the Raymond Chang building, and created quite a kerfuffle as police tried to figure out if it was human remains, according to the National Post.

Police initially cordoned off the area around the trash can, while the story started to generate media buzz in the city and further abroad. After all, it isn’t every day a human-looking heart is discovered in the garbage.

The coroner arrived on the scene at midday, took a look inside the garbage can, but would not comment as she left the scene.

“We cannot conclusively say whether it was human remains or not,” Toronto Police Service Sgt. Abdul Nuri said. “It was definitely a heart, slightly smaller than an adult’s fist.”

Thankfully, a student came forward to police and said that the heart was not human, and was used in a photography project, even offering to provide the sales receipt from the grocery store it was purchased from, according to The Post.

A forensic pathologist, to verify that it is not human, is still running tests on the heart. “We want to be sure,” Staff Sgt. Eduardo Wulff said.

Meanwhile in Calgary, Alta., a Grinch who also seemed to be missing a heart stole a family’s entire Christmas lawn display, leaving just one light bulb behind, in true Grinch fashion. The display, purchased over the past two years was worth about $2,000, according to the Calgary Sun.

Generous locals have stepped in and offered donations and money to replace the display, including two-year-old Logan’s light-up Olaf display from the Disney movie Frozen.
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