Man taking “F--k Harper” traffic ticket to top court

Photo of an Alberta Welcome sign.
Photo of an Alberta Welcome sign. Stock photo of Alberta welcome sign from iStock/Getty Images.

Most people try to avoid traffic tickets. It seems that this man almost welcomed it.

Rob Wells wanted to show his disdain towards former Prime Minister Stephen Harper before the 2015 federal election, when he decided to put a sign with colourful language in his car window that featured an expletive before Harper’s name.

He was driving around Edmonton, Alta. with the sign in his car window, in August when an RCMP officer stopped him and asked him to remove the sign. Wells refused, saying he had the right to put it in his car window, because it was a political statement, which he had the right to make.

RCMP Sgt. Josee Valiquette said at the time it wasn’t the sign that Wells was pulled over for, but due to claims that he was driving erratically.

He was fined $543 for putting the sign in the window, but refused to pay the ticket. Last week he attended traffic court and served the court with his intent to file a constitutional challenge over the ticket.

His challenge will be his claim that police arbitrarily detained him, and that his freedom of expression was violated.

He says some people were cheering his sign and others were giving him the middle finger. One of latter allegedly filed a complaint against him with the RCMP. Says Wells: "it's just that she is a good Harper supporter, and how dare you criticize her political hero? Well, he's not one of my heroes."

Wells hasn’t decided yet whether he is going to represent himself or get legal representation. He claims some lawyers are offering to take his case pro-bono.

He will go in front of a provincial judge on November 27 to get an official trial date.

Test-drive car thieves arrested in Edmonton

We go from creative signs to creative car thieves.

Four people have been arrested by police in Edmonton for arranging test drives with private car sellers and then absconding with the vehicles.

The combined worth of the cars and trucks that were stolen by these thieves is $315,000.

The four thieves, two men and two women in their 20’s, answered online ads that offered cars for sale and then asked the owner to step out of the vehicle for a moment. When the person stepped out of the car the thief would then take off.

Unfortunately, the last person who they tried to steal from tried to stop the theft by attempting to get back in the car. The car hit a curb, and the victim was pinned underneath and had to be taken to the hospital with serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

Two of the thieves were arrested on September 28 and the other two on November 9.

It seems the thieves didn’t just want to steal any old car. Among the stolen cars were several luxury SUVs, pick-up trucks and one Bentley.

‘Get your head out of your apps’ highway sign raises some eyebrows

This traffic item was just too good to pass up, and it’s brought to you courtesy of our American neighbours.

A catchy highway sign, a part of last week’s Message Monday program by the Utah Department of Transportation, has been greeted with cheers and jeers on KSL TV’s Facebook site.

While some people felt it was inappropriate, others commented that: “Maybe those who are upset should get their head out of their apps? Saw it on the way home from work and thought…hmm smart.”

It seems many did get their head out of their apps long enough to read the sign.

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