Is Toronto transit ‘leprechaun’ angling for lawsuit?

The so-called TTC "leprechaun"took a rush-hour bus out of service with obnoxious new antics Friday (Photo by Beth Lyn Ward/Facebook).

The TTC “leprechaun” is back, and reportedly seeking pots of gold at the end of a legal rainbow. 

The Toronto public transit rider whose obnoxious antics earned him nationwide scorn last September was back in action recently, making an even bigger nuisance of himself on yet another bus.

Whereas he first gained infamy for simple seat-hogging, this time he managed to essentially hijack a crowded bus during rush hour.

According to passenger Beth Lyn Ward, the offender tried to cram his bike onto an already full bike rack. He then sat on the rack so the bus couldn’t move, and police were called.

The bus sat empty save for the driver, the man and Ward, who stayed as a witness.

I am happy to stay and be a witness for this driver. He did absolutely nothing wrong,” she wrote in a profanity-laced Facebook post about the incident.

Police eventually arrived and arrested the fellow, derisively referred to as the “leprechaun” in social media posts. He was ticketed for engaging in a prohibited activity, which carries a fine around $125. It’s not a criminal charge so his name was not released to the public, which may disappoint him.

Ward wrote that the truculent rider at one point bragged he’s “famous.” Perhaps, if fame means being universally derided for acting like a jerk.

Ward added that he was clearly trying to provoke an incident so he could sue.

“He said on the bus that he had sued the police before and that he had won and that’s what he was living off of now — his motives seemed very clear to me,” she told the National Post.

Most frightening for regular transit riders is that this goon apparently lives for confrontation and is clearly widening his designs on public-transit petulance. From hogging seats to hijacking a bus — what’s next?

All we know is that it’ll inconvenience a lot of riders and involve a laughable beard.

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