Five weirdest law blogs of 2016

Some of Canada’s weirdest laws hit a nerve with our readers this year.
Some of Canada’s weirdest laws hit a nerve with our readers this year. (Photo: iStock)

We have some laws in Canada that seem to have little rhyme or reason. These are laws so strange you have to wonder what our lawmakers were thinking when they created them.

Some of the weirdest laws we blogged about this year really hit a nerve with our readers and here are the most popular ones:

  1. If a tree in a Toronto park is climbed. . .

    Our most popular weirdest law blog was about…wait for it… the fact that it’s illegal to climb trees in Toronto. You heard right, if you are found climbing a tree in a park in Toronto, then on your descent you could find yourself slapped with a minimum $300 fine. Unfortunately, this is one of those weird laws that is definitely enforced as a man lounging in a Toronto park tree found out in 2013. The pleasure cost him $365.

  2. I smell a rat

    If you do smell a rat in Alberta, the owner of the rodent is going to be in big trouble. Alberta has a province wide prohibition on owing the little critters. Rats give the Alberta government the heebie-jeebies, which is why the province gave them the boot. The province is so worried about the rodents, they have a hotline to “rat” people out if they own rats! Then there is the fine for illegally owning a rat, which is set at $5,000 per rat. Yikes!

  3. Can’t pay your hotel bill in Ontario? Just forfeit your horse

    Believe it or not, this law is still in effect. An Ontario law says that if you don’t pay your hotel bill within two weeks of the bill being due, then “ye olde innkeeper” gets to keep your horse. The flaw in this brilliant law is that hardly anyone rides horses anymore, especially to an innkeep, er, hotel. Though you may want to keep your car at home if you’re short one horse.

  4. If you want to put your feet up in Calgary, Alta. it’ll cost you

    If you wander into a park or another public space in Calgary, Alta and want to put your feet up on a bench or a table, you better think twice. The fine for committing such a heinous act could be up to $10,000 or six months in prison! Kind of puts things into perspective when you’re yelled at for putting your feet on the coffee table at home, at least you won’t incur a fine there.

  5. Bigfoot is considered a protected species in British Columbia
  6. That’s right: the mythical Sasquatch, a.k.a Bigfoot, is considered off limits for hunters and Bigfoot enthusiasts in British Columbia. Confused yet? Apparently, a previous governor declared the killing of Bigfoot to be illegal, despite the fact that Sasquatch may not actually exist. If you ever spot a Sasquatch while you happen to be in B.C., hands off!

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