Five weirdest blogs of 2016

2016 saw no shortage of weird news, which the team eagerly blogged about!
2016 saw no shortage of weird news, which the team eagerly blogged about! (Photo: iStock)

Throughout the year we have written many blogs that left people with dropped jaws asking, “Did that really happen?”

Without further ado, we are pleased to present to you our weirdest blogs of the year that we promise you truly happened!

  1. Best fake family ever

    Existential questions aside, this story had many people scratching their heads. The Canada Revenue Agency kept asking a Saskatchewan lawyer, who was born and raised in Canada, to prove he was a Canadian citizen and that his children actually exist. His response was a 29-page letter, with such quotable nuggets as “why do we have FOUR CARSEATS?”, as well as pictures with the caption “best fake family ever!”

  2. Who’s afraid of the big, bad clown?

    Around Halloween, people with too much time on their hands decided it would be funny to scare people by dressing in creepy clown get-ups. There were a lot of “creepy clown sightings,” as well as false sightings throughout the United States and Canada. The joke was on these clowns though as many of them were arrested and faced criminal charges. Unfortunately, they caused so much of a public panic that master horror novelist Stephen King had to step in and tell people to calm down.

  3. An Alberta man coming back from vacation found an unwanted houseguest in his attic: a woodpecker. While he was gone, the woodpecker decided that his home would make a great nesting place and moved right in. The bird was creating havoc and he tried to get rid of it by yelling at it and making a scarecrow but it wouldn’t budge. After all else failed, he called the Humane Society and was shocked to learn that he couldn’t evict his unwanted tenant until nesting season was over.

  4. Trump’s victory makes Cher want to move to another planet

    Many Americans who were upset on election night that Donald Trump would become their next president, flocked to the Canada Immigration and Citizenship website and ended up crashing it. Unfortunately, we had to inform U.S. citizens that it’s not that easy to immigrate to Canada. However, the truly bizarre thing about the story was the fact that Cher also planned to move . . . not to Canada, but rather a whole other planet. We wish her luck with that!

  5. You’re wearing THAT to the Halloween party?
  6. Halloween didn’t just bring us creepy clowns but the yearly, “you can’t wear that” to a Halloween party. This year, it happened at Brock University in St. Catherine’s, Ont. So worried was the student association about possible costume mishaps, that they even published a “Halloween Vetting Protocol” to tell students what not to wear. Among the vetoes? Any costume that involved the use of “blackface” and a ban on dressing as Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby or Robin Williams.

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