CRA asks perplexed Saskatchewan lawyer to prove his children exist

The CRA continues to ask Dubois to prove that his two young sons actually exist.
The CRA continues to ask Dubois to prove that his two young sons actually exist. (Photo: Facebook/Devin Dubois)

One Saskatoon, Saskatchewan lawyer has been left scratching his head two years in a row as the Canada Revenue Agency continues to ask him and his wife to prove that their two young sons actually exist.

The first time the CRA sent a tax review request to Devin Dubois in 2014, in which they asked for proof of citizenship as well as proof that their children were not a imaginary, Dubois answered with a hilarious 29-page letter full of quips, and as he put it “a Whole Swack of Stuff”. The “stuff” included many photos of their family, with one photo caption reading, “best fake family ever.”

As to the doubt about his citizenship Dubois responded, “I would like CRA to explain to me how I managed to be born into, live in, work in, travel from, pay taxes to and procure all of the preceding documents from the Province of Saskatchewan and the Dominion of Canada for a period of almost 36 years without being a citizen.”

And as to their supposedly, non-existent children, he wrote, “If our kids haven't existed for the past three and half years, why the hell are we so tired? And why are we consistently doing laundry, why is our house a disaster and why are there raisins and Pepperidge Farms goldfish ground into our carpets, car-seats and couches? And why do we have FOUR CARSEATS?”

The government seemed to be satisfied with his letter in 2014. Imagine his surprise then when a year after his lengthy response, he received yet another request in 2015 to prove that his children existed.

Dubois told The Toronto Star, “It’s not that there’s anything new in our 2015 tax returns. These are the same two kids that we’ve always claimed. I don’t know what the CRA thinks has happened between now and then”.

For their part, the CRA told CBC News that these tax reviews are attempts to make sure people are getting the correct benefits.

Needless to say Dubois is planning yet another, likely hilarious, response to this second request to prove his children are real.


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