Could ‘Deez Nuts’ run for election in Canada?

A Canadian election ballot box is pictured in this stock photo by Getty Images.

A true sign the election cycle is gearing up — on both sides of the border — is when you get quirky candidates. Well, they don’t come any stranger than the lovable 'Deez Nuts.'

Yes, you heard right: first name, Deez, last name, Nuts. An oddball entry from Wallingford Iowa, population 197, has thrown his hat in the ring as an independent candidate. Here is the real shocker: he seems to be quite popular.

This week, Public Policy Polling reported that Deez Nuts ranked high in preliminary polls and was more popular than many Republican candidates.

In Iowa, seven per cent of those polled favoured him; in Minnesota it was eight per cent; and in North Carolina, Deez Nuts got up to nine. Not bad for a candidate that came out of left field. Still, considering someone like Donald Trump is running for the GOP, maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Oh, and did we mention that ‘Deez Nuts’ goes by the name of Brady Olsen and is a 15-year old high school student? Unfortunately, this disqualifies him from becoming president, as he is just too young to run, having a curfew and all.

So we know what you’re thinking; could this happen in the Great White North? Could we have a federal political candidate called Deez Maple? We actually could, though the candidate would have to be of age.

The right to run in a federal election is guaranteed to all Canadians in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. To become a candidate there are just three basic requirements:

  • you must be a Canadian citizen;
  • you must be at least 18 years old on election day;
  • you must file a nomination paper with the returning officer for the electoral district where you intend to run, along with all other documents required by the nomination process.

Most people think this kind of candidate is a joke. But are they really? If you think about it, having rights and freedoms in a democracy means that running for political office should be open to all citizens (of age) and not just the rich and powerful.

Or maybe a candidate with a really creative name like Deez Nuts also wants to call attention to some of the absurdities that have become part of our political processes, such as not noticing a 15-year-old is running for president of the United States. Or as Deez pointed out himself, that it’s essentially a two-party race with few choices and that there is a “lack of any third-party candidate…”

Nuts, indeed.

So, in the spirit of democracy and absurdity, maybe we will be able to introduce our own ‘nutty’ candidate.
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