Canada’s weirdest laws: live in Ontario? Be careful what you do around your house

Multiple clotheslines are a big no in Mississauga, Ontario. (Photo: REUTERS/Mark Makela)
Multiple clotheslines are a big no in Mississauga, Ontario. (Photo: REUTERS/Mark Makela)

There are many rules homeowners have to follow in Ontario, such as zoning bylaws, we thought it’d be fun to point out some of the stranger things homeowners are forbidden from doing on their own property.

Mississauga, Ont. – It’s illegal to have more than one clothesline per house

In 2014, the city passed a bylaw in response to complaints from two people who wrote letters to the city about their neighbour’s “blatant” and “disturbing” clothesline conduct. Turns out one of the people who made the complaint had a neighbour who had 18 clotheslines in their backyard, which was on a pulley system.

The bylaw states that homeowners may only have one clothesline per home. The clothesline must be located in the backyard and cannot be higher than three metres and must be at least 1.25 metres away from the property boundary.

Since 2009, 14 clothesline complaints were made to the city and after the latest complaints from the two residents, the city finally had enough and decided to regulate clothesline use. They cannot outright ban the use of clotheslines due to the Green Energy Act.

London, Ont. – it’s illegal to grow one’s grass higher than eight inches

The city of London is very serious about its bylaw about mowing your lawn. If you allow your grass or weeds to grow taller than eight inches (20 centimetres), then the city will fine you.

However, the city will be nice about it. First they will send out a city employee to mow your lawn for you and then they’ll send you the bill in form of a fine.

Be warned, the city lists this as one of their common violations so they are on the lookout for violators.

Kanata, Ont. – It’s illegal to paint your doors purple

Kanata is one of the few places in Canada that actually regulates the colour schemes of doors, which includes both doors to your garage and your house. The bylaw forbids a person from using the colour purple to paint any exterior doors.
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