Weird Wrap: Blue Jays’ fan gets reprieve from jury duty

A Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap, glove and ball sit on the grass at their spring training facility, in Dunedin Florida, February 13, 2011.
A Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap, glove and ball sit on the grass at their spring training facility, in Dunedin Florida, February 13, 2011. REUTERS/ Mike Cassese

Imagine you’re a diehard baseball fan and your team is in the playoffs for the first time in 23 years — and you have tickets!

The only problem is you’ve been selected as a juror in a murder trial.

This however didn’t deter a long-time Blue Jays’ fan, who was able to wiggle out of jury duty in an Ottawa trial after he wrote a note to the judge explaining he had tickets for Game 1 in Toronto on Oct. 8 and that he “waited 20 years for a moment like this.”

Justice Patrick Smith read the man’s note in court, shortly after the trial began. After a short deliberation, both the court and the jurors allowed the man to attend the game.

As the fan was leaving, the judge told him: “Hope you enjoy the game.”

Sarah Silverman endorses Tom Mulcair, but did she break the law?

This is no joke! American comedian Sarah Silverman has endorsed NDP Leader Tom Mulcair for prime minister and NDP candidate Mira Oreck in the Vancouver-Granville area.

Silverman sent her support for both in a tweet reading:

Kudos to @ThomasMulcair 4 supporting a woman's right to wear what she wants w/out discrimination #NDP And VOTE 4 MIRA ORECK! #VanGran

Oreck was ecstatic at the endorsement, but there may be a problem. According to the Canada Elections Act, foreigners are not allowed to endorse Canadian candidates.

The Act reads:

"No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting or vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate."

The Tories have previously complained about “foreign” support when filmmaker Michael Moore endorsed a NDP candidate.

Funny, apparently a “foreigner” cannot endorse a Canadian candidate, but he is allowed to run a campaign. One good example would be Australian campaign manager Lynton Crosby, who is running Harper’s current campaign.

B.C. face-spitter apologizes to judge

Finally, we have a report of a young man who can’t help but spit in the face of authority — literally.

Sebastian Downes, 18, has pleaded guilty to five charges, among them: missing his curfew on a youth probation order; stealing alcohol in the amount of $40; and stealing equipment in the amount of $275.

When police finally found him, Downes spat in the face of the arresting officer. About a month later, he spat in the face of a corrections officer.

The young man has seen the errors of his ways after Judge Chris Cleaveley reprimanded him, saying simply: “you can’t go around spitting in people’s faces.” Downes received a sentence of time served.

Let’s hope the young man keeps his spit where it belongs: in his mouth.

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