Bad Beat: Car thief tries to steal police car with officers inside

RCMP vehicle.
RCMP vehicle. Stock photo from iStock/Getty Images.

He is obviously not going to win the Nobel Prize for car thieving any time soon, but Kyle Blair of Penticton B.C., was at a Surrey intersection a few days ago and thought it was a lovely day in the neighbourhood for stealing a car.

The problem is, he picked the wrong one. While at the intersection, he approached a car that contained two men.

He tried to get the driver out of the car so that he could make a get-away. The problem? The car was an unmarked police vehicle, and the inhabitants of the vehicle were undercover police officers.

When the man tried to pull one of the officers out of the vehicle, he got a bit of a shock when the officers identified themselves and then proceeded to arrest him.

RCMP spokesman Cpl. Scotty Schumann seemed a bit amused that the accused even tried to steal the car given “the officers are both big, burly men and don't look like the kind of guys anyone would want to pick a fight with.”

Schuman also quipped that Blair got the ride he wanted, but the destination was likely not to his taste.

Blair is not unknown to the legal system as he faces charges for breach of probation in addition to possible robbery charges.

B.C. human trafficker sentenced to 23 years in jail

Another paragon of virtue has received a well-deserved jail sentence for luring young girls into prostitution.

Reza Moazami, described as a human trafficker, pimp and “psychopathic”, has been sentenced to 23 years in jail by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce, who imposed the sentence last Tuesday.

Moazami was convicted of 29 charges related to prostitution, all which involved girls between the ages of 14-19.

The court found his conduct towards the girls horrific. He lured the young girls with promises of a life of luxury and then kept them under his thumb through violence, intimidation, humiliation and coercion to force them to keep prostituting themselves so he could keep making money.

The judge found his behaviour towards one of the victims so terrible, she called it: “abusive, callous and borders on psychopathic… She was his property to sell and to misuse.”

Bruce also noted that Moazami’s conduct during proceedings was terrible as he delayed the trial by firing his lawyers, thus subjecting the victims to more stress due to a longer trial.

This sentence is believed to be one of the longest sentences ever to be handed down for prostitution-related offences.

High-profile Ontario swimming coach arrested for sexual assault

Matt Bell was been arrested last week on charges of sexual exploitation, sexual assault, and four counts of luring a person under 18 years of age.

He is an employee with Swimming Canada who once coached the 2015 FINA World Junior Championships and the recent Mid-Eastern World Cup Tour. He is also the owner of an Ajax, Ont. swimming club.

He was arrested after a former student alleged that he had sexually assaulted her in 2011. Durham Regional Police had initiated an investigation against him after the girl came forward.

Bell has now been suspended from his job with Swimming Canada until the criminal investigation is complete.

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