After Trump’s victory, U.S. celebrities may find it hard to move to Canada

American actress Lena Dunham apparently wants to escape to Vancouver, B.C.
American actress Lena Dunham apparently wants to escape to Vancouver, B.C. (Photo: REUTERS/Brian C. Fran)

When it became clear that Donald Trump would become the 45th president of the United States, the Canada Immigration and Citizenship website suddenly crashed.


People don’t seem to think so:







What seems to escape those wanting to move to Canada, apart from Cher who wants to move planets, is that they have to go through a whole immigration process before they can actually do so.

Before entering Canada as something other than a guest, people who wish to permanently move to Canada have to either apply for a work permit or permanent resident status. You can’t just show up at the border with the intention of staying in Canada for at least four years without qualifying to do so.

If a person wants to apply to work in Canada, they often need to have a job offer in Canada. While U.S. citizens may be able to go through easier processing than other foreign citizens, thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement, they still have to apply for a work permit.

If a person wants to become a permanent resident of Canada, they have to apply to come to Canada as either an immigrant or refugee. However, it’s likely that celebrities will not be able to claim refugee status, as refugees have to prove that they have a well-founded fear of persecution or are at risk of torture, or grave punishment in their home countries. A Trump presidency aside, it is highly unlikely those wanting to move north could prove such persecution.

Applying as an immigrant entails filling out an application and providing all required forms and documents the government needs to process an application. This can be a lengthy and bureaucratic process.

One solution to the whole issue of moving to Canada is having dual Canadian-American citizenship, which is exactly what Toronto Raptors Patrick Patterson was thinking:

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