Weird Wrap: Saskatchewan stripping ban includes male dancers

A man strips in front of a woman.
A man strips in front of a woman. Stock photo by Getty Images.

For all you gals who are Full Monty enthusiasts, bad news out of Saskatchewan: the province has repealed a law that would allow male strippers to drop their pants.

Initially, the province had issued the “no stripping” rule in venues where alcohol was served, but thought better of it last year and allowed male strippers to strip down to their boxers or briefs.

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Then, in March of this year, the government had a change of heart and reinstated the no stripping rule.

This is bad news for the ladies who bought tickets for Regina’s Ladies Night where an all-male strip show, called Body Heat, is scheduled to perform next week. The manager of the show said that the male dancers would not strip down to their undies.

Surprisingly, ticket sales are still strong.

Teen charged for bringing bomb-looking clock to airport

Who hasn’t done stupid things when they were a teenager? Well, hold on to your hats, because this one’s a doozy.

Just in time for Bart Simpson-like back-to-school shenanigans, a teenager thought it would be a good idea to put a bomb-shaped alarm clock in his luggage to be screened through airport security.

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The teen, whose name cannot be disclosed under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was traveling from Toronto to Vancouver when the Pearson airport X-ray machine detected the suspicious looking object.

The airport was shut down and police sent in their explosive disposal unit.

When the authorities realized the bomb was really a clock, the teen was charged with mischief.

Meanwhile, American company Nootropic Design, who has a clock with a similar look, made this hilarious statement in response to the incident:

“Dear Pranksters:

Yeah, you. I know you are excited to scare your friends and coworkers with a phony bomb, but use your head. This kind of device can make people freak out and call the authorities. So don't bring this to school or to work, and certainly don't bring it anywhere near an airport! Seriously, don't get yourself into trouble.”

Japanese tourist questioned over strange object by Canadian airport staff

In yet another airport story featuring another suspicious object, Canadian airport staff took a Japanese tourist out of a lineup to question him about a suspicious object in his bag that looked like a martial-arts weapon.

The strange item, which was small, silver and oblong, is actually a popular beauty product called a “face roller” and is found in many stores in Japan.

The poor man was left to convince authorities the object was not a dangerous, but is designed to firm up the skin for a more youthful glow.

It all ended well and the passenger even took a selfie with the face roller in a martial-arts stance.

Conservative candidate sacked after urinating in coffee mug

The urinator has struck!

Former Tory candidate Jerry Bance has been dropped from this year’s federal election ticket following a truly bizarre incident. In a 2012 episode of CBC’s Marketplace, Bance was caught peeing in a cup and dumping the contents into a kitchen sink.

Bance, who was a general contractor at the time, was part of a sting operation by Marketplace to nab repairmen that overcharged for services. Undoubtedly, they weren’t expecting to catch anyone doing that though.

Apparently Bance failed to disclose his on-camera escapades during his screening as Conservative candidate, which is the reason he was booted.

Bance was running in the Toronto riding of Scarborough-Rouge Park. Whoever his successor is, let’s hope they are more fastidious about where they go to the washroom.

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