Weird Wrap: A thief with fresh breath

A man with white teeth smiling. Stock photo by Getty Images.

Alberta police are looking for a thief with real white teeth and a fresh breath. Yes, you read that correctly.

The man is alleged to have entered a Shoppers Drug Mart store and stolen $951 worth of Crest White Strips teeth whitening products and fled in an SUV.

The RCMP say there may have been a woman involved in the robbery as well but the state of her teeth is yet to be determined!

Fish hooks found in bus station TP

Just in case you are not already super skeptical about using public washrooms. . .

A man in Dartmouth, N.S., used a washroom inside a municipal bus terminal and found two fish hooks hidden inside the toilet paper roll.

He alerted the security guard on site. The police arrived at 5 p.m. on Saturday to start the investigation.

We encourage citizens to practice fishing in a real lake.

911 caller saw screaming man being chased by a unicorn

You can’t make this stuff up.

A man in Victoria, B.C., called 911 on Sunday night insisting he saw someone being chased by a unicorn in a graveyard.

Police officers were dispatched to respond to the emergency call and found the unicorn. Well, they found a man dressed in a unicorn mask. The unicorn appeared scared and was carrying a large hunting knife.

Apparently, two 30-something buddies were trying to make a funny video when the 911 caller witnessed their artistic endeavour.

No charges have been laid because our laws do not frown upon the ridiculous just yet.

Is that a giant pickle or are you just happy to see me?

A man has got to take pride in something, why not his long cuke?

Daniel Tomelin from British Columbia has grown a 113-centimetre long cucumber. He has been told by Guinness World Records that his application for the world record of the longest cucumber will be processed in six weeks. The Guinness website lists the current king of cukes at 107 cm.

Tomelin — an avid organic gardener — intends to pickle his giant cucumber and has already fused two big vases to do the big job. You ask why? He is eying the world record for the longest pickle. Guinness currently has no such category.

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