Weird Wrap: A loitering goat, a cat thief, and a Supreme squirrel lover

A goat is seen inside a Tim Horton

You “goat” any donuts?

Saskatoon RCMP were called in to escort a stubborn customer out of a Tim Hortons location last weekend. No matter how many times Timmy’s employees took the unusual visitor outside, he would come right back in. 

The unusual patron was none other than a goat. The Mounties decided that perhaps a ride in their cruiser would be more attractive to the goat. They went around to every farmhouse in the area, but nobody was missing a goat. At the end, they took the Timmy’s lover to an animal hospital.

The goat has since been reunited with its owner.

N.S. man breaks into house, feed cats and does laundry

If you’re going to be an uninvited guest, do it like this man.

A wanted Nova Scotia man who drove across the country in a stolen truck, helped himself into an unoccupied ranch in B.C. this past week. Christopher Hiscock, 33, did not steal anything, but did some other unusual things. He fed the homeowners’ cat and horses, did some laundry, took a shower, prepared a meal, and wrote in their diary. That’s right. A break-in can be just that pleasant.

What did he write in the diary? He wrote that with two cats and three horses, “it’s kind of hard to be alone.” He also wrote: “so much I can do here I have to remind myself to just relax and take my time.” Even better, he wrote that he saw a picture of the owner in the basement and realized “we look a lot alike, but I think I’m more handsome.”

The ranch owners came home after a night out to find him in their living room watching TV. He was sentenced to one-year’s probation and was ordered not to go anywhere near the ranch. Hiscock told the judge, there is no good excuse for his behaviour and called the ranch: “gorgeous.”

Squirrel lover case will not be heard by top court

No matter what, you feed the animals.

Lawrence Klepper from Quebec wanted to take his case before the Supreme Court of Canada, alleging the City of Westmount had breached his privacy and dignity by having him followed by a public security official in an unmarked vehicle to ensure he didn’t feed squirrels and birds. The Supreme Court rejected his application.

Klepper has repeatedly been ticketed for feeding wildlife in public places. The city had even filed injunctions against him, which were withdrawn after he stopped. Klepper is in his 70s and considers himself an extreme lover of animals.

Nail found inside potato in Halifax grocery store

Inspect your potatoes carefully folks if you don’t want to get nailed.

The manager of a Super Store in Halifax had to call the police to report a customer had brought back a five-pound bag of Farmer’s Market red potatoes after he found a nail inside one of the spuds.

Police are now investigating who is behind this type of cruel food tampering. Apparently, there have been a few of these incidents in the Atlantic provinces lately.

Whoever is behind this, it’s best you write your feelings in a diary.

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