Traffic Thursday: SUV causes havoc in downtown Calgary

Calgary Police car seen on January 1, 2015.
Calgary Police car seen on January 1, 2015. REUTERS/Jack Cusano

In a scene that could have been written for an action movie, police officers and emergency personnel were responding to a hit-and-run by an alleged stolen SUV, when the driver turned back and aimed directly for the officers at the scene, prompting an officer to shoot at the vehicle.

Earlier the SUV had allegedly hit a cyclist, who was taken to hospital with serious injuries and had to undergo surgery.

Calgary Police Chief Roger Chaffin explained that when the SUV took direct aim at the police cruiser, “one officer had to take evasive and decisive action and dove out of the way to gain cover inside a Calgary Police Service vehicle,” and another officer, “responded to the threat by discharging his service firearm."

The incident happened during rush-hour at Riverfront Avenue, and people were seen fleeing the scene when they saw what was happening.

After the officer opened fire on the vehicle, it drove down the street and then stopped after a short distance.

There were three suspects in total. Two were taken into custody: one man who ended up being treated for non-threatening gunshot wounds, a woman and a third suspect who is still at large.

Brutal weekend on Alberta highways leave more than a dozen dead

Whether it was due to Halloween being on a weekend with lots of parties - and people decided to let loose - or it’s just one of these things, this weekend saw one of the deadliest days for Alberta highways in a long time.

Twelve people died between Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Sadly, the death toll could still rise.

There were over half a dozen fatal collisions that occurred within a 36-hour period, which is quite a lot within such a short time.

RCMP K Division Insp. Gibson Glavin commented that “That is a shocking number, there’s no question. It’s most certainly unusual.”

Among the dead were two brothers and their cousin, who died south of Spruce Grove on Saturday morning. Another multi-fatality accident occurred in nearby Two Hills on Saturday, where four men died when their vehicle rolled over. There were three other passengers who survived and were taken to the hospital.

Six more people were killed, all but one in separate highway accidents.

Inspector Glavin said on Sunday: “Today, I don’t think Albertans need to hear the RCMP preach about road safety when 12 people have died and families and friends, their hearts are broken. I think the message is there.”

Man allegedly abducted child, then crashed into police cruiser

A man who is alleged to have taken off with a one-year old child after a domestic dispute, allegedly crashed his SUV into police cruisers and then fled the scene on foot.

Waterloo Regional Police contacted the Ontario Provincial Police on Sunday night, informing them the suspect was traveling along a provincial highway heading west.

Police then detected the SUV on Highway 401 and attempted to get the driver to stop.

Unfortunately, the driver fled and ended up crashing into two police cruisers, struck the median and rolled. The child was ejected from the car, but thankfully only sustained non-threatening injuries.

The man is now facing 10 charges in total, including: resisting a police officer and dangerous operation of a vehicle causing bodily harm, abandoning a child and driving while a passenger under 16 is not wearing a seatbelt.

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