Traffic Thursday: Impaired driver injures RCMP officer

A police car
A police car's lights flashing in a busy street. Stock photo by Getty Images.

Today’s traffic report has one officer getting hurt by an impaired driver, one officer getting hurt by a thieving driver, and one bizarre sign on a highway in Montreal.

Who hasn’t gone through an impaired driving check as a driver? Apparently this impaired British Columbia driver hadn’t or he would have known to stop when he was flagged down by police.

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Instead of stopping when he was flagged down, the driver sped past the stop and almost hit an officer in the process. The police had other ideas though and tried to stop him by blocking the man with their cars. Obviously, he didn’t get the message as he plowed right into those cars, damaging both vehicles.

But wait, it gets worse. When police managed to track the driver down, his Chevrolet Blazer was upside down in ditch and he was in the process of trying to set it on fire. He also armed himself with an axe to keep the police away.

Luckily, a firefighter persuaded him to surrender the axe and they were able to extract him from the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the driver’s actions resulted in an injured RCMP officer and two smashed-up cars. The driver was apprehended under the Mental Health Act.

Man in stolen pickup drags officer along bridge

In another surprising manoeuvre on the roads, police in Prince Edward Island received a report that a man was on the Confederation Bridge and was ready to jump.

A bridge patrol officer got to the man first and managed to persuade him to get into her vehicle. When the officer got out of her vehicle and went to speak to arriving RCMP officers, the man decided to take that as a cue to take the wheel and speed off.

Somehow, while driving away, he managed to strike and catch one of the RCMP officers on the vehicle he had stolen and dragged him along the Confederation Bridge.

As if that wasn’t enough, the man then plowed into another patrol car and another resident’s vehicle before finally coming to a stop and being arrested.

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The RCMP officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries and no one else was hurt.

The man is now in custody, and the bridge had to be closed for a few hours following this incident.

Man posts video tirade over bizarre sign on Highway 20

The last amusing traffic item comes from Montreal.

A man driving along Highway 20 noticed a weird sign and then filmed his own reality show-type tirade about his anger about it.

The sign apparently told people to move into the right lane to exit at 1st Avenue. The only problem was that the lane disappeared. After the man’s tirade went viral, Transport Québec said it had corrected the signage.

For reasons of extreme, and hilarious, profanity we cannot post the video, but rest assured it is available on Facebook.

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