Traffic Thursday: Drunk Edmonton man who destroyed house in crash gets jail time

Wall destroyed by car crash.
Wall destroyed by car crash. Stock photo from iStock/Getty Images.

Responsible is not a word you can apply to drunk drivers – often neither is intelligent.

On May 11 of this year, Craig Daniel Head got intoxicated and was driving his 2013 Jeep Patriot the wrong way on Manning Drive in Edmonton, Alberta, when police started to pursue him.

A police officer tried to block him in with his police car when Head drove into a strip mall. Instead of stopping, like a responsible person would have done, Head reversed towards the police vehicle, which forced the police cruiser to get out of the way, and then sped off.

Head was then speeding at a “terrifying high speed” of nearly 170 km/h while fleeing from police before he crashed into a house in the early morning, while a family was sleeping.

The vehicle was so out of control that it smashed through the back fence, into the back yard and from the back yard it managed to hurtle through the kitchen, dining-room, living-room and finally stopped in the garage, which was all the way at the other side of the house.

Apparently, Head left the house looking like a “war zone”. Prosecutor Terry Hoffman explained: “It’s pretty much a miracle that nobody but the driver was hurt.”

Head plead guilty to impaired driving and failing to stop for police, and was sentenced to 18-months in jail along with a five year driving ban.

Heroic Ontario woman with no driving experience saves moving bus

Cue Sandra Bullock in the Hollywood-movie Speed – except that this is not a tale out of Hollywood, but Woodstock, Ontario.

A young woman on her way to pick up her son from a birthday party, was called on to play the hero by stopping a bus when the driver lost consciousness.

The 60-year old driver of the bus had been in the midst of a seizure and her body had shifted up against the window and off the seat.

Even though Jessica Lower had “never driven a day”, she didn’t hesitate to try to stop the moving vehicle when she couldn’t see the driver’s reflection in the rear-view mirror.

The bus had actually been standing at a red light, but started moving again and Lower noticed that the driver’s feet were nowhere near the gas pedals.

Lower ran to the front of the bus and was forced to squeeze her way around the driver and to step on the brakes. As she has no driving experience, she initially stepped on the gas pedal, but quickly corrected her mistake and stepped on the brake instead.

Another passenger came to the front of the bus to help Lower move the bus driver while she kept applying pressure on the brake.

When police arrived they had to break the lock as the bus was still in drive.

Both Lower and the man who helped her move the driver are being hailed heroes.

18-year old Ontario driver charged after 208 km/h stunt drive

Another role model of responsibility was driving along Highway 401 in Eastern Ontario at Autobahn speed-limits - hint: the Autobahn has no speed limit - before stopped by police.

The young man, Renbin Bei, was caught when an OPP safety division officer was conducting traffic enforcement in Tyendinaga Township last weekend.

The white BMW, driven by Bei, zoomed by the officer but somehow the officer still managed to stop the car.

Bei has been charged with stunt driving, and had his vehicle and driver’s license seized for seven days. He’s set to appear in court on December 17.

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