Traffic Thursday: Alleged drunken cyclist may have contributed to own death

Car and cyclist accident.
Car and cyclist accident. Stock photo by iStock/Getty Images.

You’ve heard of driving under the influence? Well, apparently there is also cycling under the influence. It has been brought to the forefront in a fatal accident case in British Columbia.

The Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC), which is the province’s auto insurer has alleged that Ross Chafe, who was cycling on Highway 99 that day, was possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he got into an accident.

The kicker here is that the alleged driver of the car, Samuel Alec, with whom Chafe collided, was also allegedly impaired.  Alec was charged with a number of offences by police: criminal negligence causing death, failure to remain at the scene of an accident, and impaired driving causing death.

One of Chafe’s friends and a passenger riding with Alec were also killed in the accident.

Lizanne Bussieres, Chafe’s widow, has taken Carmen Ned - the owner of the car that hit her late husband - Alec and ICBC to civil court for negligence.

However ICBC wants a closer examination into Chafe’s state at the time he was killed in the accident on May 31, 2015.

The insurer filed their own papers hitting back at Bussieres, alleging not only that Chafe may have been under the influence, but also that he was riding carelessly and that his brakes were possibly faulty.

As of now, the allegations haven’t been proven and no statement of defence has been filed by either Ned or Alec.

Highway 404 head-on collision takes the life of 3

A terrible accident on Highway 404, north of Toronto has taken the lives of three people who travelled in the same car.

The three were travelling together Tuesday afternoon when a southbound car allegedly travelled over the northbound lane, crossed the ditch and collided into their vehicle.

Due to the severity of the crash, parts of the highway were closed down.

The driver of the car who careened into the three victims was taken to the hospital and was suffering from serious injuries at the time.

The identities of the people have not been released by police, but OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt did advise that their families had been notified.

Edmonton cab driver dies after plowing into airport building

A taxi driver who drove his car into a building at the Edmonton International airport, has succumbed to his injuries.

The incident happened on Tuesday. The Mounties at the scene were forced to smash a window to get the man out of the cab.

The man was given CPR and transported to hospital, but died later on. Information collected from the cab’s dashboard camera indicates that the man was in medical distress when he crashed, according to the RCMP.

There were no passengers in the taxi when it crashed.

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