Traffic Report: Regina man’s jail time doubled for deadly booze-fueled hit-and-run

photo credit: Drunk driving accident is depicted in this stock photo by Getty Images.

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has increased a Regina man’s prison term for impaired driving causing death from 2.5 years to 4.5 years.

Last year, Maninder Kang was convicted of multiple counts of driving charges, including impaired driving causing death. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison and a three-year driving ban.

The Crown, however, was not happy. It appealed, seeking a jail term of seven years and a 10-year driving ban. Saskatchewan’s top court ruled for 4.5 years instead.

In June 2007, Kang was impaired and driving at a high speed when he drove his car into the back of a semi-trailer at a red light. As a result of the impact, one passenger in Kang’s car — 26-year old Sukhminder Khuber — died and two teenage girls suffered head injuries. After the crash, he drove away from the scene and parked the car on the side of nearby residential road. He initially reported the car stolen, while his injured passengers bled in the car.

This is the perfect example of what not to do as a driver.

Calgary woman charged after hurling vomit at cabbie

Here is another don’t: never throw your vomit at someone.

On Aug. 23, a 33-year old Calgary woman got into a cab and started vomiting. The cab driver handed her a bag, which helped a little until they reached her destination.

The driver asked for the cab fare and a clean up fee. This allegedly did not impress the woman, who proceeded to throw the bag of vomit at the driver.

Classic, isn’t it?

Her family ended up paying her fare and the clean up fee and she landed herself an assault charge.

There have been a number of cab driver abuse stories in the media lately.

Cab drivers do not have Uber rating system to give you a zero rating on your manners forever taking away your ability to hail a taxi. Be nice!

Insurance giant teams up with Uber

Speak of the ride-booking devil, Uber is here to stay.

Canadian insurance big shot, Intact, is working with Uber to design insurance products that will help the company meet regulatory requirements provincially and federally.

This is great news for Uber, because Alberta had expressly said it was not meeting its requirements under the province’s Insurance Act. Currently, the Canadian Insurance Bureau advises Uber drivers to make sure their vehicles are insured for commercial use.

Intact is an important collaborator, as it’s Canada’s largest property and casualty insurer and earns a whopping $7.5 billion in premiums each year.

Uber impressive.

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