Traffic report: emergencies no excuse for speeding

A police officer holding a radar gun. Stock photo by Getty Images

Ever wondered if you can bend the traffic laws in case of emergency?

A Regina man learned police won’t give you a break.

Darren Dieter is facing charges for speeding and evading police as he drove a badly-wounded friend to the hospital, after a man broke into his home and struck him in the head with an axe.

Dieter said he thinks stopping for police could have cost his friend, Steve Predinchuk, his life.

A police spokesman counters that police don’t know why a driver won’t stop, so pulling over is the safest route. Cops also have first-aid training and can call for EMS assistance, he added.

$2,000 ticket for Saskatchewan speed demon

Elsewhere in Saskatchewan, a man’s love for speeding is proving costly.

Christopher Rey was recently slapped with a whopping $2,000 fine after he was caught driving 204 km/h on the Trans-Canada Highway. Speed limits vary along that route, but the maximum is 100 km/h.

He was also driving with a suspended licence — a common trend with dangerous drivers in our traffic report — after being caught going 154 km/h in a 100 zone last January.

Rey also got a $500 fine for giving the arresting officer a fake name, a gambit which really won’t fly when a cop can just run your licence plate or demand your ID.

We all scream for ice cream

Meanwhile, in Ontario…

Who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of neighbourhood ice cream trucks? Ringing bells and selling sweet treats in the summertime… good clean wholesome fun.

Considerably less so, however, when a drunken ice-cream vendor crashes the truck into three cars and a house. Brampton, Ont. cops arrested a 33-year-old man last weekend after he collided with three cars, one of which was pushed into a house.

Nobody was hurt, although some childhood trauma is possible.

Overall, it was a bad long weekend in the Greater Toronto Area, which saw 37 impaired driving arrests — a 37 per cent spike over last year.

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