Tort Tuesday: B.C. man calls B.S. on bull’s name

A rodeo bull. Stock photo by Getty Images

As we all know, animal names are generally expected to be purely descriptive, never tongue-in-cheek or ironic.

That’s why a very literal-minded litigant is suing a B.C. rodeo company; a bull named Slow Poke was apparently too fast and left him injured.

Kyle Warman was in just his second bull-riding class when Slow Poke bucked him off, causing numerous injuries. Warman says he wasn’t properly trained before saddling Slow Poke and is suing for negligence.

His notice of claim says that, “contrary to representation, Slow Poke was violent.” 

Billion-dollar airbag battle

After news of Takata Corporation’s record-setting airbag recall, it was only a matter of time before the lawsuits launched. Well, here we go.

Five Canadian plaintiffs have banded together and filed a $3.25-billion suit against Takata over its recall of nearly 34 million dangerous airbags.

The exploding bags have caused six deaths and over 100 injuries worldwide.

None of the five plaintiffs was injured by a faulty bag, but all suffered the inconvenience of having to take their car to a dealer for repairs. The recall affects some 1.6 million Canadian cars.

The suit also includes five automakers — Honda, Toyota, BMW, Nissan and Chrysler — with individual claims of $650 million against each.

Lawyer loses fistful of dollars in libel suit

Ontario’s Court of Appeal rejected an “ill-conceived” defamation lawsuit Monday and ordered the plaintiff, a lawyer, to pay more than $100,000 in legal costs.

David Midanik was suing over a passage in a book where he apparently compared himself to the villain in the classic western, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The book shows Midanik quoting the character Tuco Ramirez, and Midanik said that passage paints an unflattering picture of him as a sleazy lawyer, murderer, and rapist like the fictional western crook.

The court didn’t buy it, ordering Midanik to pay more than $41,000 to author Betsy Powell and another $77,000 to the publisher.

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