Toronto radio host Mike Bullard facing charges for allegedly harassing news reporter

Bullard is facing five charges, which were laid against him between September and November.
Bullard is facing five charges, which were laid against him between September and November. (Photo: Mike Bullard/Facebook)

For former Toronto, Ont. television and radio host Mike Bullard, who most recently was the host of Beyond the Mic with Mike Bullard, a radio show on a local station, things are looking grim right now.

He is facing criminal harassment charges in connection to his alleged stalking of Gemini-nominated CityNews reporter Cynthia Mulligan.

Bullard is not only charged with criminal harassment but also obstruction of justice and breaching conditions to stay away from Mulligan. He is facing five charges in total, which were laid against him between September and November.

Mulligan and Bullard were in a seven-month relationship that started in 2015 but Mulligan broke it off in June. Bullard didn’t seem to take the breakup well and has been accused of sending her hundreds of text messages, making harassing calls and even visiting her at her home, violating a court order.

After Bullard’s alleged harassment of her over the summer, Mulligan went to the Toronto Police and made a complaint against Bullard. The police then contacted Bullard and told him to stop. When the alleged “pattern of harassment continued,” the police laid charges against him.

Bullard spoke to the Toronto Star on Monday, claiming that he only called Mulligan twice after they broke up. When the Star pointed out that the charges were not from one or two calls but many alleged text messages, calls and more, Bullard replied, “OK, maybe I called her three or four times.”

Bullard maintains his innocence though, saying: “I’m going through hell right now. It’s something I didn’t do.”

This is the latest example of what happens when two media personalities start a relationship and it goes sour. One only has to look south of the border to see what happens when two public personas split up, such as in the case of actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, whose break-up caused a media and public frenzy for weeks.

Bullard is now facing the consequences of his alleged actions and the charges being made public. After he received the first set of charges in September, he lost his job with the radio station, although there was no word if he was fired or left on his own.

Fans of Bullard’s radio show noticed his unexplained absence in October:

He is due in court on Wednesday.

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