Suspect in beer tossing incident at Toronto Blue Jays game identified

Canadian baseball fans are abuzz with talk about the person who threw a beer can on the field during the seventh inning of the wildcard game between the Blue Jays and the Orioles. The can narrowly missed Orioles player Hyun Soo Kim.

The man alleged to be the beer can thrower has now been identified as Ken Pagan, who works for Postmedia as a copy editor.

Fans of both teams were fuming after the incident. Even master horror writer Stephen King had an opinion:

The Toronto Sun even offered a $1,000 reward to outraged fans that could identify the person. Toronto Mayor John Tory went as far as to call the beer tosser a “loon ball” and on the heels of all that outrage, the Jays released a statement apologizing to the Orioles for the beer throwing incident:

Pagan turned himself him after speaking to Toronto Police Wednesday night and police have not yet filed charges against him for the incident, because there is a question of whether the police have the right person.

If charges were to be laid, the beer thrower would likely face general mischief charges, a spokesperson for the Toronto Police Service told The Toronto Star.

Though Pagan was advised by his lawyer not to say anything, he told Postmedia, “I was drinking out of a cup. . . I’d love to tell you what happened and my story … but I can’t say anything.”

There are several videos of the incident making the rounds, including a video that claims he was the thrower.

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