Monday Medley: Marijuana in your coffee may be coming to a pod near you

A producer of medical marijuana has applied to sell a coffee pod that will include dried cannabis.
A producer of medical marijuana has applied to sell a coffee pod that will include dried cannabis. (Stock photo from iStock/Getty Images).

It’s no surprise that businesses are already eyeing potential profit from the Supreme Court’s June 2015 decision to strike down medical marijuana restrictions.

Now Cann Trust, a Canadian producer of medical marijuana, has applied to get a license to produce and sell – hold on to your hats – a coffee pod that will include dried cannabis.

The company, based in Vaughan, Ontario, contends that having people drink medical marijuana is a much better alternative to smoking it. Eric Paul, the CEO of Cann Trust told CBC News: “As a pharmacist, how could I condone smoking? I'm a health-care person.”

While Health Canada has given the go-ahead for licensed marijuana companies to produce and sell cannabis oil and fresh buds and leaves, putting marijuana in pods is a new kettle of fish. Until then, bottom’s up!

Inuit throat singer threatens lawsuit against allegedly racist Quebec documentary

A fight is brewing in Quebec over an Inuit singer’s use of her music.

Tanya Tagaq, a well-known Inuit musician from Cambridge Bay, says that the use of her music in the documentary “of the North” was included without her permission.

Even worse is that the singer finds the documentary highly offensive and “racist.”

The documentary was made by Quebec filmmaker Dominic Gagnon, and features a variety of clips from sites like YouTube. It shows, amongst other things, industrial development of the North as well as clips of snowmobiles, family life, and hunting.

However, Tagaq took offense to the documentary showing Inuit appearing intoxicated, vomiting, and doing other irresponsible things.

She finds it offensive because instead of showing the Inuit moving forward, the documentary shows that some Inuit people are not dealing well with the fallout from having attended residential school.

Tagaq is demanding that Gagnon remove her music from the documentary, or she will take him to court.

Father of pole vault champion banned from coaching over sexual conviction

The father of one of Canadian pole-vaulting champion Shawn Barber, happens to be a coach, but is no longer allowed to coach the sport after Athletics Canada found out that he was convicted of having sex with a student back in 2007.

The conviction occurred in the U.S., as George Barber used to be a high school track coach, and a physical education teacher.

Apparently, he had a sexual relationship with a 17-year old girl during his employment, and was caught in 2007, and sentenced to 36 months in prison. He was also forced to register as a sex offender in New Mexico, where the high school is located.

However, his son seems to take the coaching ban in stride, and told CBC Sports that it’s “really a non-issue,” as his father never held an official position with Athletics Canada anyways.

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