Monday Medley: Former KGB worker hides in Vancouver church for six years

Former KGB worker Mikhail Lennikov. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/DARRYL DYCK)

Feeling guilty about missing Sunday mass? You may want to take up residence in church to make up for your sins. 

That’s what Mikhail Lennikov did. The former Soviet spy — Lennikov confessed he worked for the KGB during the 1980s — moved into a Lutheran church in Vancouver in 2009, following a deportation order. Canadian immigration officials found him a threat to national security due to his KGB background.

His lawyer, Hadayt Nazami, says Lennikov left the country after concluding negotiations with Canadian border services. Lennikov’s wife and son are Canadian citizens.   

International child abduction ends in Hamilton

It appears Canada may be host to more than just a former KGB agent. A woman who took her two sons from their home in England five years ago and fled to Canada is now in police custody after being found in Hamilton, Ont.

The woman — wanted for unlawful abduction and disobeying a British court order — was arrested on an extradition warrant in Hamilton. While she’s in custody, the two boys remain under the care of Children’s Aid Society. 

Toronto police had been working with the Greater Manchester Police since her arrival in Canada and was able to locate her in Hamilton with the help of Missing Children’s Society of Canada.

PM calls Duffy comparison ‘absurd’

Speaking of sins, as the Duffy trial unfolds, Stephen Harper was confronted with a new question on the weekend: how does the Duffy affair differ from the Liberal sponsorship scandal? Harper said the comparison is “absurd,” because a larger sum of taxpayers’ money was involved in the sponsorship scandal.   

As the election campaign enters its third week, the Duffy issue remains very much alive. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has written an open letter to Harper demanding clarity in relation to contradictory and inconsistent statements made by Harper and his cabinet on the Duffy affair.

Last week, Harper said: the “vast majority” of his staff did not know about the cover up of Duffy’s personal repayment of bogus Senate expenses. Trudeau is demanding answers for why Harper is keeping people who were seemingly involved in the Duffy cover up in his campaign team.  

New Democrat Leader Thomas Mulcair thinks “somebody should be fired from the whole Duffy-Wright affair.”
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