Monday medley: End of the road for Uber?

An Uber supporter

Toronto is aiming to finally let the air out of Uber’s tires this week.

This week, city lawyers are in court seeking an injunction against the ride-sharing company that’s idled in dicey legal territory since its arrival.

Specifically, they want Uber and UberX declared illegal and banned from further operations in the city.

Police, city regulators and, of course, taxi companies have cracked down and spoken out against the pseudo-taxi service that flouts city licensing and insurance regulations.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, however, has said that Uber’s here to stay, and the city should evolve to accommodate it.

‘Mermaid’ mad over city ban

Edmonton is already restricting another, smaller type of entrepreneur: mermaids.

The city recently announced a ban on mermaid tails, a popular swimming accessory. That’s raised the ire of one local woman, who’s striving to become a professional sea nymph.

She’s started a petition to reverse the ban, attracting mild support from “mermaid advocates” and other fans.

The city banned the trendy appendage, which squeezes both legs into a single-finned neoprene suit, saying it encourages dangerous swimming behavior.

Typo settles second BlackBerry patent suit

Has Typo finally learned its lesson?

The popular U.S. startup that already lost one court battle over its “slavish” ripoff of BlackBerry’s iconic smartphone keyboard has now settled a second suit for exactly the same infringement.

It was the second lawsuit in the space of a year for the Ryan Seacrest-backed company that produces iPhone cases with external BlackBerry-style keyboards.

It already lost one suit, plus about $1 million in fines and legal fees for its “blatant copying” and “misappropriation” of BlackBerry designs and patents.

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