Monday Medley: $500k payday for potato informants

Potato harvest. Stock photo by Getty images

There’s major money in play for anyone with information on P.E.I. potato-tampering.

The provincial spuds industry is putting up a $500,000 reward for anyone with information on a potato-tampering epidemic.

Last fall, consumers started finding needles and other metal objects jammed into potatoes from a single farm. There was a rash of new cases this past spring, and potato producers want answers.

Anyone who provides details before August 16 is eligible for the reward — provided their information leads to a conviction.

Canadian ‘fools’ falling for tax scam

The income-tax deadline is long past, but scammers just will not give up.

Phone fraudsters are conning Canadians with fake threats supposedly from the Canada Revenue Agency, making aggressive threats to bilk taxpayers.

Police in Ontario and Nova Scotia have issued alerts over the scam, which sees fake CRA auditors calling people with claims of unpaid back taxes. They say that non-payment could result in arrest, jail time, cancelled passports and frozen assets. They suggest wiring money or buying prepaid credit cards to pay off the tax debt.

A CBC reporter received such a call and told the “auditor” she knew it was a scam. He reportedly replied with: “The Canadian people are not so smart. They are fools and they are paying every day us $10,000."

Escaped killer caught near border

Prison escapee — ex-escapee? — David Sweat is in “critical but stable condition” after a massive U.S. manhunt came to a violent end near the Canadian border Sunday.

Sweat and running buddy Richard Matt were the subjects of a three-week manhunt after breaking out of Clinton Correctional Facility on June 6.

Sweat was shot and captured after a state police trooper spotted him walking along a rural road about three kilometres from the border.

“I can only assume he was going for the border,” a police spokesman said.

Police also took a creepy photo posing with the handcuffed, blood-smeared convict like he’s a hunting trophy. Then, with the important stuff done, he was airlifted to hospital.

Matt was killed in a standoff with police Friday.

The case is far from closed though, as two prison employees still stand accused of aiding the flight, including reports that a kitchen worker asked the escapees to kill her husband.

On a similar note, a North Carolina jailbreak came to a quick end over the weekend, but a kitchen worker at the Davidson County Jail stands accused of assisting the breakout.

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