Hells Angels free pass, ‘Moose Wizz’ lawsuit, and other weird legal stories

Quebec police advise anyone who sees Francis Boucher to keep their distance and call 911. (Sûreté du Québec)

This one sure makes you feel safe.

Quebec provincial police are scrambling to find the son of a notorious Hells Angels kingpin after he was accidentally released from jail earlier this week.

Francis Boucher, son of Maurice “Mom” Boucher, was just 13 days into a four-month sentence for uttering threats against police officers. He’s previously done time for drug trafficking, conspiracy to commit murder and the quaint-sounding charge of “gangsterism.”

Public Security Minister Lise Theriault said it appears as though Boucher was able to get out of Bordeaux with the help of what she called a "stratagem,” although had no details on what it was.

An investigation is underway and a guard has been suspended. Police also released a surprisingly poor-quality photo of Boucher. Do they want people to know what he looks like or not?

Although we filed this one under “weird,” accidental jail discharges aren’t all that unusual. Prior to this, the last occurred just last November at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility. Even more astounding, that’s the fifth such incident at that one jail since 2007. Manitoba mistakenly released nine cons last year alone.

We could go on, but do you even want to know how often his happens? It’s pretty depressing.


Toronto ‘mystery tunnel’ story won’t go away

Just when we’d hoped that the Toronto “mystery tunnel” story was dead and buried, its underground architect is back in the public eye, using his ill-gotten notoriety for — what else — a crowdfunding campaign.

Elton McDonald started a gofundme campaign to raise $10,000 to start his own business and create a youth employment program.

According to his gofundme page, the program would involve lawnmowing, tree-planting, gardening, and other yardwork 

“The money raised will be going towards providing the youth with breakfast in the mornings, costs for equipment and tools, transportation, workshops, as well as fun outings,” he writes.

Being acquainted with his idea of “fun,” nobody should be surprised if an army of tunnel-diggers begin creating an underground city.

The campaign quickly exceeded its goal, raising almost $12,000 in 14 days.

But hey, at least he’s not using the money for legal fees. You know, because he never got charged, for some reason.


Legal battle over ‘Moose Wizz’

The latest in questionable lawsuits has Canadian brewer Moosehead suing a New York State pub over its “Moose Wizz” root beer.

Specifically, the New Brunswick-based brewer says the cartoony moose logo on Adirondack Pub & Brewery Inc.’s root beer bottles is too similar to Moosehead’s own label.

Adirondack founder John Carr described the suit as “over-the-top bullying.”

"For the seven years we’ve been selling this product under the Moose Wizz name, no one has mixed us up with Moosehead. No one," he told the CBC.

"The Moosehead Brewery, they don't make soda, they don't market anything in our area, there's been no confusion in the marketplace whatsoever with these products," he said.

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