Brampton dad impales car in rush to get kids to school

A vehicle impales on a post.
A vehicle impales on a post. Image courtesy of Peel Regional Police.

Patience is a virtue — a lesson one Brampton driver learned the hard way.

A father trying to get his kids to school on the fastest route possible, had the genius idea of cutting through a parking lot — to save some time — only to get his car impaled on a concrete post.

Exactly how he managed this feat remains a mystery, both to the police and public at large, but what we do know is that he hit two poles, bent one and impaled his vehicle on the other pole. The car ended up on the pole with its front facing down and the back high up in the air.

The poles had been placed there to leave a parking-space-like area that would prevent others from parking there, as it was located where wheelchair access is given from a nearby sidewalk.

Peel Police spokesperson Const. Lilly Fitzpatrick had some positive news after the car’s impalement when she said: “Thankfully, no one was injured.”

Well, no one except for the poor car.

Gas-and-dash thief sought three years after gas attendant’s death

We’ve all heard of dine-and-dash, but did you know there is also something like gas-and-dash?

Well, the gas-and-dash happened three years ago when Max Edwin Tutiven allegedly drove up to a filling station, in Toronto. He was in a silver or beige Isuzu Rodea, tanked in the amount of $112.85, and tried to leave without paying.

Gas station attendant Jayesh Prajapati ran out of the gas station and stood in front of Tutiven’s vehicle and tried to stop him from leaving. Tutiven ended up running Prajapati over, dragging him down the street and fleeing the scene. Unfortunately, Prajapati sustained very serious injuries and died later in hospital.

His death has motivated a bill in the Ontario legislature that requires gas station owners to provide training for attendants, suspend licenses of convicted gas thieves and put pre-payment machines at some stations.

Police have been unable to apprehend Tutiven and are now offering up to a $25,000 reward for information that would lead to his arrest. Tutiven is wanted on several outstanding warrants, including one for the death of Prajapati.

Police are asking people with information to come forward and call them, and have also put information about this case on Twitter using the #turnmaxin hashtag.

Update: Max Edwin Tutiven has been apprehended and is now in police custody.

Distress call by plane in Alberta reportedly false

In air traffic news, an airplane distress call, which forced the closing of part of the Trans-Canada Highway in Alberta, turned out to be false.

Sunday night, a radio operator informed authorities he heard a plane calling for help. In response to the distress call, the highway was closed from 7:30 p.m. until 8:50 p.m.

However, it seems that there were no missing planes reported, nor could authorities find the pilot.

The Canadian Air Force still sent out an aircraft for search and rescue, because their policy is to always investigate such calls, but found nothing.

Authorities are asking to be contacted should anyone have more information.

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