Bad Beat: Sex offenders of all stripes

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It would appear from this week’s roundup that sex crimes are rampant, but let’s hope it’s just an anomaly.

The sentencing of a former Nova Scotia paramedic been postponed to October after he and his lawyer asked the judge for a sex offender assessment.

James Duncan Keats was found guilty in June of sexually assaulting a 71-year-old woman in the bedroom of her home, while his partner was attending her ailing husband downstairs.

Sex offender assessments are performed to assist the court to come up with the appropriate sentence, whether it’s the period of imprisonment, community supervision or any treatment requirements.

“They go into his background, his history, the offence and what their position or recommendation is concerning what should be done with him and whether he's treatable,” said Crown attorney Bill Fergusson, who is seeking a sentence of five to seven years.

The downside is Keats may get a negative report, which could come with a harsher sentence.

Since the initial charges emerged, five more women have come forward with similar allegations against Keats.

Keats has since been fired from his job. 

Sex-assault trial looms for former Nunavut teacher

A former teacher is also in hot waters for abusing his power.

Johnny Meeko was a teacher at Nuiyak Elementary School in Sanikiluaq, Nunavut. He is facing 32 charges including assault, sexual assault and sexual interferences. His two-week long trial will begin next week in Iqaluit. 

The police say the complainants range in age from mid-teens to late 30s. The offences are alleged to have taken place at the school over a sixteen-year period between 1984 and 2000. 

Sanikiluaq RCMP started investigating Meeko in June 2012 when one person came forward from the community. Since then, there has been almost a dozen more complainants. Meeko has been out on bail since 2013. His bail conditions require him to stay away from schools. 

Winnipeg man arrested for taking pics of kids on a beach

The Prairies are getting their share of sex crimes.

Winnipeg RCMP arrested a 33-year old man on Saturday for taking pictures of children on a city beach. At the time of the arrest, he was carrying a smart phone, a tablet and a laptop.

The man, who is already facing child pornography charges from 2011, was under court order not to carry any electronic devices with Internet access. Now he is facing additional charges for failing to comply with the conditions of his court order. 

The Criminal Code has a broad definition for what counts as child pornography. 

Police officer charged with child pornography charges

The last person you’d suspect of possessing child pornography is likely a police officer.

Thirty-year veteran Detective Craig Wattier, of Peel Region police force was arrested this week for accessing and possessing child pornography, breach of trust and fraud over $5,000. The investigation that led to these charges began in April after the Peel force received a complaint.

Wattier became a police officer in 1985. He has worked in different police units, including intelligence services and special victim’s. He was a supervisor with the technological crime unit at the time of his arrest.

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