Bad Beat: Judge orders medical marijuana grower to pay $1.30 fine

Chevalier refused to impose a jail sentence, and called the current criminal laws around marijuana "outdated and ridiculous.”
Chevalier refused to impose a jail sentence, and called the current criminal laws around marijuana "outdated and ridiculous.” REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Talk about creative sentencing.

Justice Pierre Chevalier must have been rolling his eyes when presented with this case.

Mario Larouche came before Chevalier, having been accused of growing 30 marijuana plants. He had been trying to obtain permission to grow marijuana for medical reasons, as he was coping with injuries from a traffic accident.

The Crown asked the judge to give Larouche a sentence of 90 days in jail. However, the Crown could not have been prepared for what came after they asked for this sentence.

Not only did Chevalier refuse to impose the jail sentence, but also called the current criminal laws around marijuana “outdated and ridiculous.” He also pointed out that the Liberals have every intention of legalizing marijuana.

As if that wasn’t enough, Cheavlier mentioned that many have tried marijuana, amongst them lawyers and maybe even judges and asked if they too should should end up with criminal records?

Having said all of that, Chevalier gave Larouche a fine of a whole dollar and a 30-cent victim surcharge.

Arrest made after student stabbed at Emily Carr University

Two students at Emily Carr University had an argument that, unfortunately, resulted in a stabbing.

The stabbing occurred two days ago, while about 60 students attended a lecture . Apparently, the two got into it when the attendance sheet was being passed around.

One student started provoking the other and, though witness Dariush Ghaderi told CBC News that students tried to calm the suspect, it was to no avail as he took out a knife and stabbed the other student, and then fled.

The university, located in Vancouver, B.C., cancelled classes following the incident until the suspect was apprehended. The suspect gave himself up to police the following morning.

The student was not seriously injured, and was transported to hospital after the incident, where he is recovering.

The suspect is facing possible charges of assault and other weapons-related charges.

Suspect allegedly committed crimes in not one, but two provinces

After a series of break-ins in north western Alberta, a suspect was apprehended in British Columbia.

Unfortunately, he was caught while allegedly committing yet another crime, however it wasn’t a break-in. Instead, the man decided to perform some dangerous, and illegal manoeuvres while he was trying to flee from police in Dawson Creek, B.C.

A police officer tracked the man and found him parked on a logging road. The suspect was sleeping in his vehicle, but when officers tried to apprehend him, he woke up, rammed his car into several police cruisers, and tried to escape.

Thankfully, the officers managed to catch him. They also found posessions in the car that looked to come from the Alberta break-ins.

The man faces eight charges in B.C., alone and will likely be facing more charges in Alberta.

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