Bad Beat: Joyriding Alberta teen charged 68 times

The 17-year old, whose name cannot be released already had 37 warrants to his name for thefts.
The 17-year old, whose name cannot be released already had 37 warrants to his name for thefts. Stock photo from iStock/Getty Images.

Who says you learn from your mistakes?

A young man who probably didn’t is alleged to have stolen vehicles, not once, but twice, and he was caught and arrested both times.

The first 25 charges he managed to rack up when he allegedly stole a truck in Millet, Alta. on October 4, 2015. The most recent charges, of which there are a whopping 43, were laid just a few days ago.

In the latest charges, he was alleged to have stolen a Cadillac SUV in Wetaskiwin on November 19, 2015.

Unfortunately, police had to chase down the man, and in the midst of the chase a police dog sustained minor injuries.

That’s not all though. The 17-year old, whose name cannot be released, as he is a minor, already had 37 warrants to his name for thefts of other vehicles before he even racked up more charges.

Alberta man accused of killing toddler and her father fit to stand trial

Back in September of this year, Canada was shocked when a father and his two-year old daughter were found murdered in Alberta.

Nobody could fathom who would do such a thing. Shortly thereafter, police arrested Derek Saretzky, a young man who seemed to be an acquaintance of the little girl’s father.

After Saretzky was arrested, he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

A Lethbridge court decided, that Saretzky is fit to stand trial.

Saretzky had tried to commit suicide shortly after he was charged with murder. Most recently, according to Global News, he had been undergoing a hunger strike which landed him in the emergency room at Foothills hospital in Calgary.

He is set to appear before the court on February 26, 2016.

Ontario parents arrested after young children found sleeping in freezing van while they were gambling

What is something you don’t do when you want to go gambling? You don’t take small children, as children are not legally allowed into most casinos in Ontario.

Well, one Ontario couple obviously didn’t get that memo. They decided to take their two small children, aged three and five, and leave them sleeping in an unlocked, cold van while they went gambling at the Great Blue Heron Casino in Scugog.

People called police and police found the children sleeping in the van. The children are now in protective custody.

The parents have been charged with two counts of child abandonment.

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