Bad Beat: Fourth person charged in alleged dog-fighting ring

American Pit Bull.
American Pit Bull. Stock photo from iStock/Getty Images.

It’s not as if pit bulls need any more bad press in Ontario, where they are outlawed - especially when they have been terribly mistreated.

Back in October, there was a raid into an alleged dog-fighting ring in Tilbury East Township. In a combined effort, Chatham-Kent police and the Ontario SPCA conducted an investigation that led them to the property where 31 pit bull-like dogs and one dead dog were found.

Three people were arrested, and a staggering 276 charges were said to be pending against them for animal cruelty and firearm related offences.

Now a fourth person has been charged in connection with this alleged operation. Although he is not facing as many charges as his co-accused, he is facing the following:

  • 13 counts of careless storage of a firearm 
  • 4 counts of unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon
  • 1 count of possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking

So far there is no evidence to suggest he was involved in the alleged dog-fighting operation, but police wouldn’t elaborate with the exception that the accused lived at the same property.

Meanwhile, because pit bulls are banned in Ontario, it is likely that the seized dogs will be euthanized. Over concern for the dogs, an online petition has been started asking that they be spared.

Teenagers charged for Quebec school threats

Four teenagers between the ages of 16 and 17 have been arrested in connection with email threats made at schools in the Outaouais and Ottawa area. The threats were made last week.

The teenagers stem from the Wakefield, Chelsea and Ange-Gardien areas. All four of them were charged with mischief.

When announcing the arrests, Quebec provincial police reminded people that making threats, whether on the Internet or in person, is a criminal offence and perpetrators will be investigated and charged.

Police also said that these arrests are unrelated to the bomb scare threats of this week, which closed down more than 40 schools in Quebec.

However, threats aren’t the only things that are closing down western Quebec schools. Support workers are striking due to stalled contract negotiations. Teachers - who are also in contract discussion which are stalling - are being supportive by not crossing picket lines.

Halifax man shot, police searching for shooter

A 22-year old Dartmouth man was shot while sitting in a car in a residential area was taken to hospital in very serious condition.

The incident happened yesterday morning in Cole Harbour.

The victim had allegedly been shot in the chest and twice in the shoulder at close range.

The victim was moving, but had glass in his eyes from the shattered car window through which he was shot.

The perpetrator was seen running away towards the woods hear Cole Harbour District High School.

As a result, police were stationed not only near the residential area at which the victim was shot, but also at the high school. Both places were placed in secure lock-down for about an hour and a half.

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