Bad Beat: B.C. robbers threaten 7-year-old girl at gunpoint

Vancouver police are asking for public help in identifying these two home-invasion suspects.

Vancouver police have just released information on a shocking home invasion where the two suspects pointed guns at a seven-year-old and pistol-whipped her grandfather.

Two men dressed as construction workers then forced their way into the home, threatened the girl and struck her grandfather twice in the head.

After the second blow, the little girl apparently yelled at the two robbers to stop.

They then ransacked the house and made off with several items, including a Rolex watch valued at $25,000.

Vancouver police are asking for help identifying the suspects and say they’re concerned about public safety. Despite that concern, it turns out the crime happened over a month ago — June 17 — and this information is only just coming to light.

Inmate sprung after cellmate switcheroo

Here’s an odd prison-escape plan that apparently worked: disguise yourself as a prisoner.

London, Ont. cops are searching for a 19-year-old who got himself sprung from jail by pretending to be his own cellmate who was due for release.

Justin Kunz apparently managed to disguise himself and threatened his cellmate to keep quiet when guards came to release him from Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre.

Kunz was serving time for a whole raft of crimes, including mischief, uttering threats, and various gun offences. He can now add another count of uttering threats as well as “personation” — the Criminal Code term for impersonating someone — and being unlawfully at large.

Ex-cop charged with sex assault

Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating sexual-assault accusations against an ex-cop going back as far as the 1980s.

Bruce Lindsay, now retired from the Kingston Police Force, is charged with gross indecency, sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching, indecent act, and sexual exploitation.

The charges apparently relate to assault on a young person, although no more details are available.

He’ll appear in court in Kingston on September 3.

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