Baby found safe and sound

A hotel safe.
A hotel safe. Stock photo by Getty Images.

Everyone knows to secure his or her valuables, but this story takes the idea to a whole new level.

A baby was found locked in a safe at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Niagara Falls last week. It turns out the infant’s older sibling was playing a game of hide-and-seek and thought the safe a great hiding place. Unfortunately, the parents didn’t know the combination to free the child.

The beleaguered parents were forced to ask the hotel to open the safe and retrieve their baby. It took 30 minutes for a hotel employee to free the infant, but the child was alert and crying.

The parents tried to beat a hasty retreat, but police conducted a manhunt for them. After hearing the police were on the lookout they eventually contacted the police themselves. The child abuse unit was also contacted but determined the child was fine.

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The matter is now considered closed. Let’s hope the baby stays out of safes.

Manitoba woman guilty of impersonating male pro-athlete

A Manitoba woman wanted to live the life of a celebrity so she impersonated him on the web. Shelly Lynn Chartier pleaded guilty to seven counts of fraud and other offences for sending thousands of texts, e-mails, tweets and Facebook messages between February 2011 and August 2013 that landed an American pro-athlete in hot water.

Chartier assumed the athlete’s identity by either pretending to be the player or the friend of the player on Facebook. She then proceeded to arrange trysts between the player and a teenage girl. However, she didn’t stop there. The teen also sent Chartier nude photos and Chartier threatened the teen and posted her nude pictures online. She also impersonated the teen’s mother and threatened to out the athlete, who paid her $3,000 to keep quiet.

As a result, the athlete became embroiled in a child porn investigation, his home was raided and he was let go from his professional team. Another team eventually hired the athlete.

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Chartier is now awaiting sentencing.

Woman fined for using fireworks during B.C. drought

A woman in Kamloops wanted to have her cake and fireworks, too, when she decided to have a birthday celebration and created a spark in the process. Thankfully, B.C. firefighters managed to get there in time and put out the growing blaze before it got out of hand.

When Jeff Bell, Kamloops fire and rescue captain, was called to the scene he saw flames leaping from a huge cedar surrounding a townhouse complex. He couldn’t believe they were caused by a person setting off fireworks, because fireworks had been banned for weeks in B.C. due to the persisting drought.

The woman was horrified to learn she had caused the blaze with her carelessness, but it’s hard to have sympathy for an act of stupidity. She was fined $250.

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