Weird wrap: Lululemon founder’s prank, animal alibi, and a creepy harassment

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson arrives for the company

No, these aren’t April Fool’s jokes. Here are some genuinely strange legal tussles in recent news.


Lululemon head starts heliport hullabaloo

Here’s an early April Fool’s prank that borders on obnoxious.

Not content with infuriating his neighbours in one part of B.C., Lululemon founder Chip Wilson decided to antagonize some Vancouver homeowners.

Already on the hotseat for his plans to build a massive dock at his B.C. summer house, Wilson recently posted a new fake proposal to inflame neighbours in Vancouver’s posh Point Grey area.

The billionaire stretchy-pants titan posted a fake development notice outside his Vancouver property informing neighbours he planned to build an 8,000 square-foot heliport.

Neighbours might have been tipped off by the added info that the “A. Foolisch” construction firm was contracted for the job.


Animal alibi in murder case

A murder trial in Penticton, B.C. heard an alibi so odd-sounding it belongs in a Sherlock Holmes’ story.

In The Adventure of the Sneezing Dog, double-murder suspect John Koopmans explained that blood spatters on his clothes were the result of an excitable puppy, not any act of violence.

Koopmans said he and victim Keith Wharton were salvaging lumber days before the shooting when Wharton got a large sliver in his hand that drew blood.

"(Wharton) was dripping blood onto the load of wood that was in front of us and ... his little small dog was jumping around in the blood and licking it up, and he was trying to tell the dog to beat it, and then it sneezed on us," said Koopmans.

"That’s the only reason Keith’s blood would be all over my clothes."

The trial is expected to last until mid-April.


Food for shot

In some old video games like Wolfenstein or Castlevania, a player could quickly recover from even the gravest injuries by finding food lying around.

Seems a Surrey, B.C. man might think that’s a real thing. After being shot twice, he took public transit to a mall food court.

RCMP officers responded to a call about a man “visibly bleeding” in the Surrey City Centre food court. He eventually agreed to be taken to a hospital, which is considerably more therapeutic than a food court.

Ghoulish workplace harassment

Police are investigating a genuinely creepy case of harassment at a Windsor automobile plant.

An as-yet anonymous antagonist is apparently targeting a black plant employee by leaving hangman’s nooses in his work area. An internal investigation began after a second noose appeared, but a third has since popped up.

Police are working with Fiat Chrysler, which owns the plant, and union officials to find the parties responsible. 

One union manager says “everybody on the job (is) furious,” and pledged to immediately fire any union member connected to the incidents.

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