Bad Beat: School year off to a rough start

A school bus is pictured in this stock photo by Getty Images.
A school bus is pictured in this stock photo by Getty Images.

This edition of our weekly crime roundup should be called: “Students behaving badly.”

First up, we have a Quebec teenager who is in court right now on terror-related charges, and has also plead guilty to armed robbery. Federal prosecutors claim he robbed a convenience store to be able to pay for a ticket going overseas to join a jihadist group.

The teen, who cannot be named due to youth court rules, is facing two terror-related charges. In connection with these charges, a video was shown which recorded the interrogation of the teen by police on the day he was arrested.

In the video he is heard screaming to RCMP investigator Brahim Soussi: “you’re a traitor… you work for non-believers. You are an apostate.”

The angry young man was arrested at his private high school in Lachine on October 7, 2014. The prosecutors told the court they will bring in a police investigator who will testify about finding the flag and logo of ISIS on the young man’s computer.

It has also just been reported the teen had the phone number of Martin Couture-Rouleau in his pocket. Couture-Roleau killed a Canadian soldier and injured another in St.-Jean-Sur-Richelieu last October, before he was killed by police.

Due to the nature of the alleged crimes, the prosecution is seeking an adult sentence for the teen, should he be found guilty.

Toronto teen stabbed outside his high school

The first day back to school is usually a day of nerves; you have to figure out your schedule, find or make friends, and wait in breathless anticipating for the school day to end.

Unfortunately for one young man, his first day back to school was a lot worse. A student at Toronto’s Central Technical High School was stabbed, outside the school, around 1:11 p.m. on Tuesday.

It seems the stabbing involved two groups of students and four males are being sought in connection with this incident, some of whom have been identified. Police found two knives on the scene, one right on school property and the other under a nearby sewer grate.

The student, who was treated for a punctured lung after the attack, is also facing charges for an unconnected incident and is being held in police custody.

N.S. student starts school year with sex assault

In another first-day-of-school-gone-bad story, a male student at Acadia university in Wolfville, N.S. has been charged with sexual assault linked back to an event on the first day of classes.

He was arrested on September 4 and the alleged incident occurred on September 2. The 21-year-old man spent the day in custody and then attended court on Monday and was released with conditions. Some of those include keeping the peace and not having any contact with the victim. He is also allowed to attend classes.

The university is working with police to ensure the man follows the conditions and also sent out an e-mail informing students of the incident.

One Acadia student, Vickie Archer, used her interview with the CBC as a chance to praise the university for their pro-active approach to this incident in warning other students and talking about what happened and what professional resources are available if they faced such a situation.

Hopefully this response — to be transparent and open with the student population about sexual crimes on-campus — will catch on in other schools.

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