Weird wrap: Unwitting Halifax cabbie part of robbery bust

A taxi sign atop a yellow cab. Stock photo by Getty Images

A Halifax cabbie is up in arms after police arrested and detained him over the weekend just because he was the wheelman on a robbery spree. How unfair, right?

Harry Richard says he was an unwitting getaway driver and he ferried a man to multiple restaurants and a convenience store, all of which he tried to rob.

Richard says he had no idea about the robberies until police caught up with them. Police arrested both men, as you might expect, but Richard is upset that police held him for several hours under those rather suspicious circumstances.

The police respond that they were just doing their “job,” and had no way of knowing that Richard wasn’t involved.

His passenger is charged with two counts of robbery and four of attempted robbery.

Shoplifting or scavenger hunt?

A Windsor man’s bizarre theft spree came to an end over the weekend after police busted him stealing an armful of chocolate bars from a drugstore.

Police arrested Clifford Cole, then realized he bore a striking similarity to the man caught on camera last month while stealing DVDs, a hair curler, and a flat iron.

He now faces two charges of theft under $5,000, and now the little girls’ slumber party he seems to have been prepping for is postponed indefinitely.

Insult to injury

Stick with us here: a Toronto-area teen shot himself in the leg, resulting in charges against another boy.

A 17-year-old passed a gun to his 13-year-old friend, who managed to shoot himself. As a cover story, the older boy convinced his friend to call police and say he was hit in a drive-by shooting.

The 13-year-old wasn’t seriously hurt, but the older boy is now charged with several offences including obstructing justice, mischief and weapons offences.

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